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High FSH -Low AMH - Fertile Heart OVUM Approach
High FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) levels and low AMH (anti mullerian hormone) levels are two of the most misunderstood diagnoses. They don't have to be.
-748 39
Over Forty Trying to Conceive - Fertile Heart OVUM Approach
Celebrating the many over-forty fertility success stories & sharing the Fertile Heart tools we use to protect ourselves from the collective panic of the last good egg
1 5
Fertility Forum: Fertile Heart™ Community Support with Ovum Tools
Supporting each other in deepening our understanding of the Fertile Heart™ Ovum Tools.
3,309 32,555
Fertility Forum: Fertility Foods as a Fertile Heart™ Ovum Tool
How do we use food as an Ovum tool? Sharing experiences, recipes, engaging in dialogue
31 5,168
Fertility Forum: Egg Donation -The Fertile Heart™ Ovum Approach
Is there an ethical and life enhancing manner of using egg donation as an instrument of healing? Engaging in dialogue about the specific challenges of egg donation and how the Ovum tools can help
-406 8
Fertility Forum: Fertile Heart™ Visionary Mamas
Supporting each other through our pregnancy and parenting adventures and sharing how the Fertile Heart Ovum tools continue to be useful in our birthing the Visionary Change Maker Mama
-200 3,433
Fertile Hearts Laughing
Laughter is good medicine. It need not be directly related to fertility. If it made you laugh, share it with us.
-370 9
Fertility/Infertility in the News
Read and share recent news updates and current research
-260 796

Latest Discussions

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My War with the Over 40 Trying To Conceive Orphan, an essay
I have always struggled to get pregnant; pregnancy has never come easy to me, even in my early 30s. Yet despite the months and months and years it sometimes took to get pregnant, I didn\'t panic. I worried and fussed and tried a hundred different rem
5 FindingFaith21 Apr-16-2015
11:04 PM
Fertile Heart Visionaries North America 1/19 Series - 23678
Visionary Moms North America, If you\'re posting on the Forums,let\'s start a new thread. It\'s very hard for new members of this circle to find you. Awesome response to the Visionary challenge! Let\'s keep dancing... Julia
226 Robin Apr-16-2015
07:04 PM
Triumph Over Despair - 2
Hello fellow fertile mamas! I am hoping to start a new thread with stories of success with Fertile Heart and the amazing journey we are all on. I have virtually memorized all the success stories in Julia\'s books and the website but I am always lo
54 FindingFaith21 Apr-08-2015
11:04 PM
Fertile Heart Percolating Peonies
Welcome to all Percolating Peonies! You know what to do... Julia
6 SophiaE Mar-12-2015
03:03 AM
Fertile Heart Red-Earth-Dwellers
Welcome to all Red-EArth-Dwellers! You know who you are and what to do, Julia
1 Julia Indichova Mar-02-2015
07:03 PM
Anyone in Australia? Or can I join you lovely American ladies?
Hi, I recently read Julia\'s book and it really struck a chord with me. I studied to become a therapist (I work as a writer instead) and learned these techniques which I know as \'active imagination\' or \'body focusing\' among other things. I\
16 miraclehope Feb-10-2015
02:02 AM
Fertile Heart Seekers Finders
Welcome to all Seekers Finders, this thread is only for you! You know who you are and you know what to do. Julia
15 TwoDoggies Jan-25-2015
05:01 PM
Ferttile Heart Visionaries North America - 23111213
We resume our dance on September 8, 22, October 6! Keep walking... Julia
364 FindingFaith21 Jan-22-2015
09:01 PM
Fertile Heart Europe's Visionaries 7/28
We\'re continuing our dance today, you\'re welcome to check in here or on a blog! Can\'t wait to connect! Julia
30 tricheco Jan-19-2015
03:01 PM
Infertility and low levels of Vitamin D
Dear Friends, I\'d like to share with you my recent blood test results asking for some support and any ideas. I\'ve been practicing my imagery sequences for about a month now (since my visit to Woodstock), and feel much stronger and focused o
7 MNG Jan-16-2015
09:01 AM
Fertile Heart Bountiful Blossoms
Welcome, Fertile Heart Bountiful Blossoms, you know who you are! This is just for you. Julia
17 AlexandraRSH Jan-08-2015
03:01 AM
Thank You
Dear Fertile Mamas I hope that you are all well. I wanted to thank you for all your love and support which I feel during each call. Fergal and I have made a decision regarding an egg donation cycle. I have just had my 46th birthday and we have
5 Momdeb Dec-16-2014
12:12 AM
symptoms after fertility treatment drugs
after having 3 elevated FSH levels 12, 23 then 15 last year, we then got advised that our only option was to have IVF. we started treatment in dec 200...
18 Ubermama Dec-04-2014
06:12 AM
Our babies do meet us half way
Our babies definitely meet us half way. I am so sure of it now. Our little girl was born two months nearly 9 years after we started to try. I just turned 43 a few weeks after giving birth. We are utterly enchanted. Thank you so much Julia for you
4 CTruman Dec-01-2014
09:12 PM
Fertile Heart Generous Gems
Making this thread available for those Generous Gems that wish to connect here.( You know who you are! Julia
4 polita13 Nov-23-2014
03:11 AM
Fertile Heart Amorous Anemones
This lovely thread is only for any of the Fertile Heart Amorous Anemones who wish to connect here. You know who you are! Julia
2 abundance Nov-21-2014
03:11 PM
Increasing Menstrual Flow
Hi All I was wondering if there are any home remedies to improve the menstrual flow. If anyone is aware of such remedies can they add to this forum? Thnx MH
5 miraclehope Nov-17-2014
04:11 PM
3 nancytig Nov-14-2014
02:11 AM
Dear Fertile Heart mamas, It\'s been awhile since I last posted, and as I scrolled through the Forum I loved seeing the names of women I connected with on my way to my daughter, who is a little over two now. For those who don\'t know my story,
7 sunnykmr234 Nov-11-2014
11:11 AM
IVF and only 3 follicles: what should I do? Continue or not?
Currently I am in the middle of an IVF cycle and this morning I found out that there are only 3 follicles whereas I am getting the maximum level of ho...
12 Ubermama Nov-09-2014
06:11 AM
how long until i get back to normal? what is DHEA?
hello, am feeling down today. don't want to give up but my side effect symptoms have emerged again! ivf cycle cancelled 3 weeks ago. had hot flushes ...
12 FindingFaith21 Oct-23-2014
05:10 AM
Fertile Heart Luscious Lilacs
Hello Luscious Lilacs, If the spirit moves you to share or connect, you\'re welcome to do so on this thread dedicated to your group only!
6 miraclehope Oct-21-2014
03:10 PM
Fertile Heart Lively Violets
This is only for the Lively Violets, you know who you are!
5 hopeisthethingwithfeathers Sep-15-2014
02:09 PM
Fertile Heart Misty Meadows
This is for those of you in the Misty Meadows Circle who wish to connect and share. I look forward to hearing about your practice and insights in our next session! Julia
2 Liz1 Sep-08-2014
09:09 AM
No ovulation just cysts
Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice .. I currently only have 2 follicles left, 1 one each ovary, which seem to turn into cysts - rather than ovulate. I get signs I am going to ovulate on day 5-6 and then nothing, ot
1 helenep Sep-01-2014
04:09 PM
Fertile Heart North American Vsionaries 7/21 - 2
We started with some wonderful deep practice last week and we continue... You\'re welcome to check in here or on a blog. I do read your comments and use them in our explorations. Sending love to all, Julia
34 miraclehope Aug-21-2014
11:08 AM
Visionaries North America April 21st, May 5th, May 19 - 2
I\'m off to celebrate Passover and be \"liberated from slavery\" once again, but wanted to post this link to the blog I promised to write. It took longer than I expected, so apologies for not keeping my word. Lesson learned on making promises especi
57 miraclehope Aug-21-2014
11:08 AM
Determined to try naturally
Hello all, I wanted to write here because I think maybe the women here can understand. I just turned 36 last week, have been TTC our first child since October 2011 when I was 33. In December 2011 I had an early miscarriage. We started trying again
5 FindingFaith21 Aug-14-2014
03:08 AM
Thank you so much Julia for your amazing work
Dear Fertile mamas, I wanted to write and share my story and to thank Julia for her wonderful work. After 8 years of trying, I am now almost 20 weeks through a happy, uneventful pregnancy ! I am now 42. In the early years of trying, I had gone th
9 heather1975teaching Aug-06-2014
02:08 PM
Fertile Heart Beguiling Bees
This thread is only for the Dance of the Beguiling Bees. You know who you are and you know how to dance...don\'t you?
23 heather1975teaching Aug-05-2014
09:08 PM

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