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Over Forty Trying to Conceive - Fertile Heart OVUM Approach
Celebrating the many over-forty fertility success stories & sharing the Fertile Heart tools we use to protect ourselves from the collective panic of the last good egg
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Fertility Forum: Fertile Heart™ Community Support with Ovum Tools
Supporting each other in deepening our understanding of the Fertile Heart™ Ovum Tools.
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Fertility Forum: Fertility Foods as a Fertile Heart™ Ovum Tool
How do we use food as an Ovum tool? Sharing experiences, recipes, engaging in dialogue
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Fertility Forum: Egg Donation -The Fertile Heart™ Ovum Approach
Is there an ethical and life enhancing manner of using egg donation as an instrument of healing? Engaging in dialogue about the specific challenges of egg donation and how the Ovum tools can help
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Fertility Forum: Fertile Heart™ Visionary Mamas
Supporting each other through our pregnancy and parenting adventures and sharing how the Fertile Heart Ovum tools continue to be useful in our birthing the Visionary Change Maker Mama
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Fertility Forum - Birthing through Adoption
Sharing the journeys that brought our children home, connecting with other Fertile Heart. adoptive parents and parents to be
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Fertile Hearts Laughing
Laughter is good medicine. It need not be directly related to fertility. If it made you laugh, share it with us.
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Fertility/Infertility in the News
Read and share recent news updates and current research
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Irregular Cycles
Hello to all you wonderful ladies :) This is my first time posting on this forum although I have spent countless hours reading and absorbing everyone\'s stories. I have high FSH, low AMH, high LH... oh, and old age -and have been reminded of all t
6 AngelHeart Feb-03-2016
02:02 PM
looking for women in michigan with high FSH levels
hello I am 35 yearsold and have been going through menopause for almost 10 years. my FSH levels are in there 80\'s. Has anybody had any FSH levels this high? My new to this forum.
2 Heartsease Feb-01-2016
01:02 PM
anyone from India
Dear Group, I\'m new here. I have just found Julia\'s work few days ago and have ordered the book Fertile Female. But it will be two weeks before the book reaches me. I\'m so excited to start this work. I would like to connect with other women from
8 MiraculousLife Feb-01-2016
01:02 PM
Is anyone else eating grass-fed meat and organic Amish Chicken?
I am not sure if I should be eating meat to help with fertility but I feel like it is good for the body and that my body needs it. Does anyone else feel the same way?
2 Heartsease Feb-01-2016
01:02 PM
Fertile Heart Eagle Mamas
This one is only for the Eagle mamas and you know who you are!
22 hummingbird Jan-30-2016
04:01 AM
I Came Out!
Last night there was a gathering of friends and all their kids to say goodbye to our mutual friend travelling to live and work with her kids 6 hours north. I took the opportunity to make an announcent. In the past when I\'ve told people that I want
5 QuanYin Jan-25-2016
06:01 PM
Go for more tests?
Hello! I am new to this site, but am already finding it very helpful. I am hoping that you wonderful ladies can give me some advice. I\'m 37 (will be 38 in March) and had two miscarriages last year. I\'ve had no trouble getting pregnant, but my m
5 Heartsease Jan-17-2016
12:01 PM
March 5th
Is anyone going to the March 5th conference? I have been reading some of the stories on the forum and have found them to be very helpful. I live in Canada and was hesitating to book a spot to the workshop but after reading how amazing everyone has sa
4 heather1975teaching Jan-08-2016
07:01 PM
Triumph Over Despair - 234
Hello fellow fertile mamas! I am hoping to start a new thread with stories of success with Fertile Heart and the amazing journey we are all on. I have virtually memorized all the success stories in Julia\'s books and the website but I am always lo
110 MiraculousLife Jan-06-2016
03:01 AM
Information Overload-Simply Overwhelmed
Hi. This is my first time writing in and I\'m doing so cause I feel I\'m at my last resort. Just a short recap of my journey with \"infertility\". My husband and I have been trying to conceive for a little more than two years. The only issues ide
5 Finding faith Dec-28-2015
03:12 PM
European circle/ anyone in the UK?
Hi, I\'ve recently been diagnosed with premature ovarian insufficiency and have been told it\'s likely I\'ll go through an early menopause. I\'ve started taking HRT, something I resisted for as long as I could as it didn\'t feel right but it is maki
14 Heartsease Dec-26-2015
12:12 PM
Fertile Heart Europe's Visionaries 7/28 - 2
We\'re continuing our dance today, you\'re welcome to check in here or on a blog! Can\'t wait to connect! Julia
35 Heartsease Dec-26-2015
12:12 PM
Fertile Heart Idealists
This is only for them, the lovely Idealists. They know who they are. Enjoy! Julia
3 mavinma Dec-18-2015
11:12 PM
where to start with the CDs
I have downloaded all the CDs but need some guidance as to where I should begin. Is there some particular sequence that I should follow? And should I do one imagery for 21 days before I start doing another one? or can I do several different ones in o
4 MiraculousLife Dec-12-2015
03:12 PM
Thought we did it! Coping with devastating news, need support
In October last year, the day before my 40th birthday, I was told by a fertility clinic that I had high FSH, low AMH and had a very low chance of conceiving. I was not a candidate for IVF and was told that the only way they could help was through don
6 hollyb Dec-09-2015
05:12 PM
Fertile Heart Changing Leaves
Welcome, Changing Leaves! Julia
18 Paolina Nov-17-2015
03:11 AM
Infertility and low levels of Vitamin D
Dear Friends, I\'d like to share with you my recent blood test results asking for some support and any ideas. I\'ve been practicing my imagery sequences for about a month now (since my visit to Woodstock), and feel much stronger and focused o
9 Heartsease Nov-10-2015
11:11 AM
My War with the Over 40 Trying To Conceive Orphan, an essay
I have always struggled to get pregnant; pregnancy has never come easy to me, even in my early 30s. Yet despite the months and months and years it sometimes took to get pregnant, I didn\'t panic. I worried and fussed and tried a hundred different rem
12 MegWall Oct-24-2015
05:10 AM
spanish scientists develope a musical tool that helps to get pregnant
I would like to share the link (it in spanish but it is easy to translate using google translator). The tool is similar to a tampon and the expermient with music has had surprisingly good results. http://www.elmundo.es/cronica/2015/10/03/560ea2be
1 eleonor Oct-14-2015
10:10 PM
Sharing my story
I\'m writing this while my 2 month old son naps. We spend our days learning his small world together, from talking to the trees to figuring out how his digestive system works (poop and spit up all morning long). I\'m so overcome with wonder and grati
4 Heartsease Sep-28-2015
09:09 PM
struggling to believe I have a chance
Hi, This is the first time I\'ve posted here and I am not very familiar with posting so I hope what I write isn\'t inappropriate for this site. I am soon to be 44 and at just 42 gave birth to a baby who was healthy, but had suffered severe, unexplain
14 Heartsease Sep-28-2015
08:09 PM
Anyone in Australia? Or can I join you lovely American ladies?
Hi, I recently read Julia\'s book and it really struck a chord with me. I studied to become a therapist (I work as a writer instead) and learned these techniques which I know as \'active imagination\' or \'body focusing\' among other things. I\
17 giamk Sep-23-2015
08:09 AM
Fertile Heart Dancing Dandelions
This one is only for the Dancing Dandelions who wish to connect here.
11 Sep-15-2015
05:09 PM
Crushing News...
So I just got the news that I have a FSH of 17.2 and AMH of .6 and the doctor told me I only have a 5% chance of getting pregnant- and so should do IVF (which is against my faith beliefs and so not an option). I have cried for two days straight- and
3 nursep33 Sep-01-2015
10:09 AM
"Single" & Diagnosed
Hi everyone, this is my first time posting. I\'ll just jump right in - I am 38 years old, single, and haven\'t cycled for a year and a half. I went to a conventional doctor (even thought everything in my body was resisting it) about 3 years ago becau
4 blumidnit Aug-29-2015
06:08 PM
Something I want to share
When I was 28 I was diagnosed with POF with an FSH of 141, as of Monday my FSH was 8.2! I feel like the work I've been doing is really changing my...
7 Heartsease Aug-12-2015
09:08 PM
Fear of Childbirth & Tools to Help
Hi everyone, Throughout this process, I am becoming more aware of my innate fear(s) regarding pregnancy and childbirth. I find myself thinking about the labor, the pain, the anxiety of it all and have noticed physical reaction to these thoughts. I a
3 Heartsease Aug-12-2015
08:08 PM
Fertile Heart Visionaries North America 1/19 Series - 238910
Visionary Moms North America, If you\'re posting on the Forums,let\'s start a new thread. It\'s very hard for new members of this circle to find you. Awesome response to the Visionary challenge! Let\'s keep dancing... Julia
271 ButterflyFaith Aug-12-2015
05:08 PM
We Are AMAAAZING (June 14 Group Only, Please)
You truly, truly are incredible, generous, beautiful Moms & Dads! It was a huge pleasure to meet you all!
2 Sparxy Jul-09-2015
06:07 PM
Keep me bathed in healing light in your thoughts if you can at 9:30 EST tomorrow
Hi guys- I go in for my hysteroscopy and am really nervous as i haven\'t been hospitalized in any way or under anethesia since i was 9. I know i\'ll be fine but my orphan who wants her mommy doesn\'t. I have to depend on my husband and that scares
11 MamaMalia May-25-2015
03:05 AM

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