I would love to meet you…

 Dear  Unimaginably Fertile Friend,

I would love to meet you at the next workshop, but for the moment, we have a full house. (I want to make sure that I engage personally with everyone who travels to  be part of our beautiful circle, and only accept 20 participants at a time),

What’s also true, is that we often get cancellations, so by all means, please fill out the  form below and we’ll give you a holler, as soon as space opens up.

Thank you VERY MUCH for your interest in this beautiful third child of mine!

Please stay in touch, if I don’t get to meet you on the 25th, I hope you’ll come to Woodstock for the next workshop.   


P.S.  I”m also considering adding another session on Saturday, October 1st. Let me know if you’d be available on that date.


 JIndichova quote 3 - Fertility series





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