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The Fertile Heart OVUM Mind-Body Fertility Cleanse

Natural Pregnancy after 6 Failed IVF's

Hi Julia, I am writing to tell you that I am pregnant. I took the test at the end of last week, and, amazingly, I am naturally pregnant (after 6 failed IVF’s, 4 IUI’s with stimulation drugs over 8 years)… I am doing lots of The White Flower, Three Steps Forward and Welcome Home as I am constantly worrying about miscarrying…. I wasn’t going to join in tonight’s circle as a result, but I could do it if you think it would be helpful….Thank you so very much for all your help, love and support. I was only thinking the other week how it was a year ago on 1 March that I came to Woodstock to meet you.
Yours affectionately,
Sarah P. London UK

Dates:Wednesdays February 20, 27, March 6  from  3:00PM – 4:30PM EST (NY Time), 8:00 – 9:30PM GMT (London)

“Not sure you remember me. I took your 3 session phone intensive last summer. I wanted to announce the birth of our baby girl… I’m a family physician…I firmly believe that your program is what made the difference for us…I wouldn’t have had the courage or insight to move forward with the changes I have made without your program. Thank you, Julia!  The journey was difficult but it was so worth it!”

Kate M. Ontario, Canada

“From the bottom of my heart, I just had to say THANK YOU! Yesterday’s session just felt right to me…And dare I say I’m excited to do this work. A huge thank you to you for being our pioneer and inspiring me. I appreciate this wonderful energy you are putting out there and I have the privilege of joining. Thanks again. Looking forward to the homework!” (The last time I heard from Dill, she was a happy mom)

Dill F. Charlotte NC, USA

FertileHeart OVUM Tools

All are welcome to join. (Since we are engaging with an emotionally charged subject, sometimes the sessions might run a bit longer, so please be prepared to stay as long as a half hour longer if needed)

NoteAfter registering you will be prompted to complete a questionnaire We will be sending you the  Dial In information AFTER we receive your filled out questionnaire. Thank you, thank you! for your goodwill and cooperation in this regard.  

Dabble or Do It Like You Mean It 

Having witnessed the power of the Fertile Heart™ OVUM Practice with thousands of clients over the last 18 years of teaching, it’s pretty clear that they are not easy to practice without guidance.


The Indichova-Baum Ovum Work, another name for this fertility enhancing program, which makes a nifty acronym I.B.O.W., is in essence a profound healing practice that creates observable changes on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.


As with any practice, we can coast along, dabbling in some visualizations  here and there, when the spirit moves us, or we can accept Life’s invitation and turn this so called “infertility” into a once in a lifetime chance to find out how spectacularly fertile we really are.


But to play the fertility game at that level of passion is really not doable alone.


It’s much too tough too tough for us humans, to sustain the level of commitment needed on her/his own. Not to mention that it’s a lot more exciting to explore the ideas and test them out with other people. We humans all wrestle with similar difficulties and one person’s insight can lead to an important revelation for everyone present

Use in any way that suits your journey

The Fertile Heart tools can be your faithful companions no matter what road you choose. Mainstream fertility treatment such as IVF, or holistic fertility treatments like acupuncture, or craniosacral therapy or anything else that hits the spot for you.


Or you can use them and the Fertile Heart Program  as an independent healing modality when your need a furlough from the fertility wars; when it’s time to  “take a break from it all” and focus on birthing your “inner fertility specialist.”


Then the next step you take can be guided by your wisest kindest Ultimate Mama, rather than desperation or panic.


This will be a closed group with no new participants joining for the duration of the Series, insuring each person the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of how to use the Ovum tools to identify the physical, emotional and spiritual obstacles that might be blocking conception and a healthy birth.


Space in the group is limited, early registration recommended (Most sessions end up with a waiting list)

More about the Series: 

One of the most gratifying aspects of my work is to see the immense transformation that can happen in the course of the seven hours of the Fertile Heart™ Fertility Retreat Intensive. As the wonderful dad at the end of the Fertility Success Stories Video put it, ” The person who walks in, is not the same person that walks out.”


And one of the most challenging aspects of my work is to witness missed opportunities. To have a clear sense after hearing about someone’s symptoms, circumstances or diagnosis, that conception is well within the realm of the possible.


Then receive an mail a year later such as the one that came attached to an order of CD’s last week:


“Dear Julia, You may remember me from your workshop a year ago. I just got a call from my doctor, the third IVF we tried this year failed, I’m ready to dive into the work.”


So once again, the intention of this series is to offer you the support you might need to:


• To deepen your understanding of the I.B.O.W. ideas and tools including FH Imagery, Body Truth, Food as an I.B.O.W.  Tool, and to begin to apply them to your own story and diagnosis.


• To offer you a chance to ask questions and feedback on your particular circumstances and diagnosis without the expense of a private consultation.  (At the moment I’m devoting time to reproductive healthcare activism, and developing new support resources which leaves me with limited time for private consultations. )

• To create a common base of experience with the Fertile Heart™ tools and offer support with the questions that rise up when we engage fully with the practice, in preparation for co-creating a larger community of fertility game changers.

If the ideas and the tools of the practice make sense to you, after completing this series, you can choose to “dive” into the work in the company of other amazing mamas  in our ongoing weekly Fertility Suppor Circle Series, before the heartache of multiple failed fertility treatments,  or before you spend a year “dabbling” in imagery or Body Truth without fully following through on either.

• To heed the call of our not-yet-born children to turn the tide of Reproductive Technopoly* toward sustainable reproductive healthcare and become agents of hope in our much-in-need-of-evolution human family.

In addition to the central ideas and tools of the Ovum practice focused on strengthening you on a physical, emotional and spiritual level, the topics covered will also be determined by the specific challenges of participants in each group.

Thank you very much for taking the leap, I look forward to a rich time of learning!


Note about logistics of calling in to the teleconference and about materials:


You will be making a long distance call, so having a good long distance plan is useful. You are also welcome to dial in through Skype. After registering through Paypal, please email us for further instructions and Dial-in information at

Materials: You do not have to own the CD’s prior to joining the teleconference.   The only thing that you need is a copy of The Fertile Female. (Available on Amazon Kindle and you don’t need to own a Kindle to read it)

I will be suggesting additional specific suggestions from each of the following supplemental resources, to support you in continuing with the practice for the rest of your baby making journey and beyond.

Many people who join the teleconferences already own the CD’s and books, which is why I did not include them in the fee for the program. The books are available on Amazon and all bookstores, the CD’s are only available through Fertile Heart™ Imagery CD, Fertile Heart™ Imagery 2, Fertile Heart™ Body Truth CD, The Fertile Female, Inconceivable. These materials will give you a wide repertoire of Fertile Heart remedies to choose from.

It’s a one time only investment, which, as I said, will be a resource not only for your fertility journey but for every other creation you long to bring forth. (You could probably get all three CD’s and books for the average fee of one or two acupuncture sessions.)

Note: Because of the emotionally charged nature of the subject matter, the facilitator reserves the right to withdraw the invitation to participate from anyone at any point prior to or during the ongoing workshops or teleconferences.

And since this is a highly sensitive subject for everyone, in order to protect the privacy of the participants no recordings of the sessions will be available. Thank you for your understanding.

Note: Cancellations with full refund will be honored 48 hours prior to the start of sessions

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