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Who Will Speak Up for You?

A Free Chat with Author Julia Indichova

Thursday September 5, 2019

2:30PM EDT (NY) 7:30PM London

If there is one thing our life challenges can teach us, it’s learning how to be our own fiercest allies.

It was my diagnosis that finally taught me how to do that. After decades of hoping someone would see how unjustly I’ve been treated and set things right, I got to start speaking up for myself.

Fertile Heart Free Chat Registration
Fertile Heart Free Chat Registration


A couple of decades later, astonishingly thousands of women have claimed their voices through the Fertile Heart practice and with claiming their voices they also re-claimed their fertility and their lives. Which often led to babies that showed up in spite of overwhelming odds.

It’s what we’ll be doing in our Free Chat on September 5th: Learning how the Fertile Heart ideas and tools can help us claim our power to speak up not only for ourselves but for each other and for all the precious children we so fervently long to bring into the world.

As always on the FREE CHAT you are most welcome to bring in any questions, whether they have to do with food, or supplements or anything else that’s rising up for you. If you’ve already taken the Intro Series, and you have questions about your practice, I’d be happy to work things out with you on the call.

Can’t wait to connect with you.


Fertile Heart Free Chat Registration
Fertile Heart Free Chat Registration

Dear Julia,

By the time I read your books I had six failed IVF’s and a number of miscarriages.

With every miscarriage my desperation was increasing to unbearable levels. Since the medical community offered me very few options I knew that I was going to have to make something change inside of me, but I had no idea how to do that. I’ve been in therapy for years and tried every alternative treatment but I was still stuck. The Fertile Heart tools, the workshops and your books opened a whole new way of thinking and feeling about this journey. They taught me how to gradually become my own Ultimate Mom. I don’t think that our miracle baby, Isabella, would be here today without the work I have done with you and Fertile Heart. I became a first time mom at 42 after being told I would never have a biological child.

Love Leslie

Fertile Heart Free Chat Registration
Fertile Heart Free Chat Registration

Julia Indichova is the author of The Fertile Female: How the Power of Longing for a Child Can Save Your Life and Change the World (Adell Press,2007) & Inconceivable: A Woman’t Triumph over Despair & Statistics  (Three Rivers Press 2001 the first book about infertility written from a patient’s point of view. The Fertile Heart™ Ovum Practice is an original fertility enhancing program that emerged through a decade and a half of counseling. Julia Indichova’s work has been endorsed by leading reproductive endocrinologists and her story and program was featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, Oxygen, Discovery Health, Huffington Post, and other outlets.  Julia’s profile is featured in the 9 People to Watch This Year (2016) Cover Story of the Hudson Valley Magazine.  After 9/11 Julia initiated The 9// Bowing Project focused on applying the tools of her fertility program to the peace efforts.

Dear Julia

I’m pregnant!!!!!

Thank you very much for your tools that were so helpful during the whole in vitro process, and are even more useful now, when I need to get ready to face all my beautiful orphans again.

I still would love to join the next European circle and of course will keep you posted.

Thank you soooo much for your work!!!!

And 9 months later came this note:

I just want to let you know that we have two beautiful daughters!…They brought so much light, joy and happiness into our lives. As you can see on the attached photo :)

I want to thank you for your work and dedication. I am sure that doing the exercises, listening to the meditations, calls and your book helped me a lot to overcome fears and self-imposed limits on my journey to motherhood.

Julia, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your work changes lives.

With warm hugs from Warsaw,



September 5
2:30 PM - 3:30 PM

4 Simple Steps To Your Most Fertile Self

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