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Dear Julia,

 It has been 10 years since I attended your workshop in Woodstock… There is not a day goes by that your work doesn’t inform my being – whether it be tending to my Orphan before a work meeting, calling upon the Visionary in hard moments of motherhood, or trusting that – as COVID impacts us all – the Ultimate Mom has our backs. Thank you, once again, for the tremendous gift of your work.

-Morgan Hamel, Canada

The desire to use our singular gifts in the service of the greater good springs from the deepest, purest, most trustworthy place within us. An open-eyed birthing, is a time of growth and healing for the individual and all of creation.

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The Fertile Heart®OVUM work, aka the I.B.O.W. (Indichova Baum Ovum Work) practice, is an original birthing practice, with a philosophy and a set of tools that began to unfold for Julia Indichova when—faced with a hopeless diagnosis—she embarked on a pilgrimage to defy the medical dogma of the day.

After the birth of her daughter the practice has evolved into a systematic process that has supported thousands of people in completing their families.

With the Birth Your Next Creation Audio Program Julia is applying the tools of the practice to the next offering you wish to bring forth, be it a book, a relationship, a healthier body, a new vocation or anything else that calls to be born through you.

And perhaps the most rewarding piece is that engaging with the practice allows us to not only give birth to new creations but in the process gain a much deeper understanding and connection with ourselves. It’s as if that which we long to bring forth, is in fact giving birth to us.

The Program Includes:

Welcome note from Julia

Introduction: The Longing to Create,  The Origin of the Practice, The Power of Images and the Power of this Particular Way of Working with Them, The When and How, Letters from the Ultimate Mom,  The Key Elements of the Practice

Imagery Sequences that make “living and embodying the ideas of the practice possible in imaginal reality.”

Part One: Getting grounded in the OVUM model

Ovum The Three Way Mirror:
Intention: to co-create a receptive, conception friendly inner and outer space for your next creation and next level of healing, by experiencing all aspects of your nature.

Field of Creation:
Intention: To transform into a creative force any challenging feelings you might be wrestling with in connection with your unfulfilled desire.

Portal to the Expert Within:
Intention: To open ourselves to the presence of the Ultimate Mom wisdom within each of us.

Land of Haves:
Intention: To experience crossing over from Orphan rooted reality of the Land of Not Haves, the land of deprivation, to the Visionary rooted reality of the Land of Haves.

Intention: To free yourself of a belief, a label, or any set of circumstances that you wish to be liberated from.

Sacred Choices:
This sequence can be useful at times of decision making and it can also be a quick tonic when you find yourself heading off into obsessive Orphan alley thinking. The intention here is to experience your ability to choose between thoughts and actions that feed the reality of the Orphan and thoughts and actions that feed a Visionary reality.

Dance of Trust:
Intention: To release all constrictions that impede the flow of the life-force.

Three Steps Forward:
Intention: To leave behind, and step out of a place of fear about being more visible. A place of fear that becoming visible might evoke jealousy, or ridicule or any other painful consequences of bringing forth your next creation.

Pitcher of Loving Kindness:
Intention: This sequence is about learning how to summon the limitless compassion of the Ultimate Mother aspect of our nature, the part of us that forgives ourselves for the times when we missed the mark, or for any past choices that we now perceive to be mistakes.

Stand Your Ground:
Intention: To support the gestation of the Visionary adult who can stand her ground and remain loyal to no other master but her own emerging deepest Truth; an adult parent who is not derailed by the many Orphan-rooted inner and outer-forces that threaten to interrupt the gestation of the next self.

Part Two: Relationships with ourselves, our partners, our teachers, healers, doctors, in other words anyone who crosses our path on the human adventure.

Relationships: The Human Game is a Contact Sport

All of Me, All of You:
This is an alternate version of the Three-Way Mirror of Truth. The intention is to create a conception friendly relationship with your life partner or anyone else who is part of your creative journey, or your life journey by deepening your appreciation of, and fully receiving all aspects of the other person’s nature.

Cutting the Cord:
Intention: To establish a more useful, mutually respectful way of conducting our relationships.

Golden Shield:
Intention: To protect ourselves from the damaging effect of other people’s opinions, labels, or any depleting energy we sense to be radiating from others.

Canopy of Compassion:
The intention of this sequence of images is to repair difficult relationships, and to strengthen the voice of the Ultimate Mom within you.

Learning How to Ask:
Intention: To learn to ask for what we need in a manner that makes it more likely for us to be heard and received with kindness.

Love Making Master Class:
Intention: To birth an exquisitely pleasurable, hot and juicy erotic and sexual relationship with yourself and your partner.

People Who Need People:
Intention: To harness the longing for a particular human connection. Whether it’s a desire for a life partner, a friend, a teacher, a healer.

Part Three: Images that facilitate and enhance healing of challenges that manifest in our bodies on a physical level 

Issues in Our Tissues:
In this part of the program we’ll be working with images directly focused on attending to the physical manifestations of our beautiful, abandoned inner orphans.

New Beginning:
Intention: In this sequence we are clearing away that which doesn’t serve us and preparing the ground for a new conception, a new beginning.

Truth Now:
The intention of this sequence of images is to support the need for healing that is showing up on a physical level.

White Flower:
Intention: To release tension and create a sense of spaciousness in any part of the body that might feel constricted.

Ladder of Light:
Intention: To honor the role of the gut in our overall wellbeing.

Life Force Refill:
Intention: To calm, repair and energize each cells toward their full reparative potential.

Thorn Free:
Intention: To respond to a particular call for attention from your Holy Human Loaf and support the shift toward healing.

Three Plates:
Intention: To illuminate our relationship with food from the perspective of the OVUM philosophy.

Restorative Soup:
Intention: To fortify your holy human loaf with the precise nutrients you need.

Mirror of Truth and Possibility:
Intention: To let go of any Orphan rooted body images, and to imprint a Body-Image that serves you

Part Four: Imagery sequences that are related to the hunger of the soul and the mystery of the creative process

Busy Being Born:
A longing is a terrible thing to waste.)

Retracing Your Steps:
Intention: To receive guidance and encourage action when you feel stuck.

Meet Your Next Creation Halfway:
Intention: To allow yourself to fully embrace your longing, to experience your ability to overcome obstacles that might arise on your birthing journey and to remain a joyful instrument of creation and healing in the world.

Claiming Your Inheritance:
Intention: To leave behind the beliefs of your clan in order to access the most trustworthy guidance of the Wisdom which orchestrated your own arrival into the human family.

Pilgrims Road:
Our lives are in one way or another a continuation of the lives that came before us. As we move toward a more compassionate view of ourselves and others, the connection to the people in our ancestral line can be a source of solace, and creativity.

Field of Surrender:
Intention: The intention is to let go of the need to control the results of your choices and actions.

Fork in the Road:
Intention: To choose between two or several courses of action.

Circle of Protection:
Intention: To experience being supported, protected and guided on your birthing journey by trustworthy allies

Mosaic of Revelations:
Intention: To contemplate the areas of your life that need your attention as you move toward birthing a life you long to live.

Lifting the Burden:
Intention: To travel lightly and humbly toward the object of your desire by fully partnering with the creative force.

Bridge to the Unknown:
Intention: To seize the particular opportunity for healing that comes with facing a challenge.

Learning to Hear Her Call:
Intention: To engage our moral imagination.

Congratulations on engaging in an inner and outer journey that can not only help you birth your next creation but do something equally extraordinary – help you birth the truest, most alive you.

The ideas shared are not intended to replace the guidance of a health professional.

An experiential workshop 
recorded live and ready for viewing
with Julia Indichova author of Inconceivable & The Fertile Female

An experiential workshop

recorded live and ready for viewing

with Julia Indichova author of
Inconceivable & The Fertile Female

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