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Dear Julia,

 It has been 10 years since I attended your workshop in Woodstock… There is not a day goes by that your work doesn’t inform my being – whether it be tending to my Orphan before a work meeting, calling upon the Visionary in hard moments of motherhood, or trusting that – as COVID impacts us all – the Ultimate Mom has our backs. Thank you, once again, for the tremendous gift of your work.

-Morgan Hamel, Canada

The longing to fully use our gifts in contribution to the greater good, springs from the most tender, truthful place within us. Whether one yearns to give birth a child, a piece of art, a more meaningful relationship, a book, a business—or a more viable human ecology—the process remains the same: conception, gestation, labor, surrender to the creative force, and finally birth.

A conscious birthing is always a time of growth and deep healing for the individual and the entire human community.

Fertile Heart Circle Consciousness is also contagious Broken Globe in Hands

The Fertile Heart®OVUM work, aka the I.B.O.W. (Indichova Baum Ovum Work) practice, is an original birthing practice, with a philosophy and a set of tools that began to unfold for Julia Indichova when—faced with a hopeless diagnosis—she embarked on a pilgrimage to defy the medical dogma of the day.

After the birth of her daughter the practice has evolved into a systematic process that has supported thousands of people in completing their families.

With the Birth Your Next Creation Audio Program Julia is applying the tools of the practice to the next offering you wish to bring forth, be it a book, a relationship, a healthier body, a new vocation or anything else that calls to be born through you.

The ideas shared are not intended to replace the guidance of a health professional.

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