Fertile Rage – Anger as Infertility Cure

with Julia Indichova


“I want to also thank you again for the tools. I have been listening and sometimes “rolling around” in them and “working things out” in my notebook and I truly feel like I’ve made more progress towards starting to heal in 2 weeks than in the last 6 years since my mom died. So for that I am grateful. What started out as a fertility support quest is opening up into a healing and rebuilding T. mission… and thank you for doing Healing the Heart last night. It’s one of my favorites and I have probably done it a hundred times. This is going to sound cheesy. But it was like listening to a band you like live. And it’s so much better in person.”

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Fertile Rage, Anger as Infertility Cure workshop recording witjh Julia Indichova

“I was going to race to acupuncture this afternoon, but stopped myself. Instead, I gave myself a dose of Room of Fear, Healing the Heart (my mainstay), and (for the first time since my last miscarriage) Nine Hearts. The last one is difficult for me, because it requires a certain level of commitment due to its length and the fact that it visually spans the entire length of a pregnancy. But I did it. Room of Fear was comforting, because I had my good friends E. and P. my sis in law D. and my mother in law all wrapped around me and supporting me for as far as I want to go on this journey.” 

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