What we aim for in the Fertile Rage: Anger as Healer on the Scenic Road to Motherhood workshop. Claim anger as –

an energizing force in our journey

a hormone balancing, estrogen boosting remedy

an antidote to victimhood

an advocacy tool that ushers in a far more expansive view of fertility challenges

Yes, we CAN be grateful for medical technology and use it. UNAPOLOGETICALLY.

Yes, we CAN fight for insurance for treatments that aid our healing.

But when we face a life-challenge as significant as delayed pregnancy, we owe it to ourselves, and to every living thing in this aching earth-home of ours, to begin to do our own thinking, feeling, choosing.

If enough of us were to do that; channel rage into a passion for justice—and speak up for a far more expansive view of what ails us, we could make the incoming generation of children SO VERY PROUD of their parents.

Anger can definitely up your fertility but you’ve got to know how to use it. Otherwise it can cause major energy leaks and leave you bitter and exhausted.

Rage, Rage if I send you away,

you’ll be back another day,

Rage, Rage pull up a chair,

let down your hair,

I will stay,

till I hear your tale.

I wrote that tune more than a decade ago for a mom whose unclaimed rage, after years of failed treatments, was threatening to ruin her marriage and her life. It turned out to have a remarkable medicinal effect.



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