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Over Forty Trying to Conceive - Fertile Heart OVUM Approach
Celebrating the many over-forty fertility success stories & sharing the Fertile Heart tools we use to protect ourselves from the collective panic of the last good egg
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Fertility Forum: Fertile Heart™ Community Support with Ovum Tools
Supporting each other in deepening our understanding of the Fertile Heart™ Ovum Tools.
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Fertility Forum: Fertility Foods as a Fertile Heart™ Ovum Tool
How do we use food as an Ovum tool? Sharing experiences, recipes, engaging in dialogue
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Fertility Forum: Egg Donation -The Fertile Heart™ Ovum Approach
Is there an ethical and life enhancing manner of using egg donation as an instrument of healing? Engaging in dialogue about the specific challenges of egg donation and how the Ovum tools can help
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Fertility Forum: Fertile Heart™ Visionary Moms and Dads
Supporting each other through our pregnancy and parenting adventures and sharing how the Fertile Heart Ovum tools continue to be useful in our birthing the Visionary Change Maker Mama
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Fertility Forum - Birthing through Adoption
Sharing the journeys that brought our children home, connecting with other Fertile Heart. adoptive parents and parents to be
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Fertile Hearts Laughing
Laughter is good medicine. It need not be directly related to fertility. If it made you laugh, share it with us.
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Fertility/Infertility in the News
Read and share recent news updates and current research
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A video that resonated with me
Hello everyone :) here\'s a video that my husband made me watch last night and it spoke to me on many levels. Hope you all enjoy watching it as much as I did. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7yiCMxp8Kw4&list=PLFAF0HGlvTj74ouSwf27huqrO8TsYZzD7
1 gracelife Oct-04-2017
06:10 AM
This is for the Luminaries who wish to share and connect. You know who you are. Julia
1 Julia Indichova Sep-28-2017
02:09 PM
using donor eggs 50+
I\'m 52 and I was diagnosed with menopause. I was recommended to use IVF with donor eggs and I\'m ok with it. As I know there is an option to have a donor who has similar appearance. I feel great. I have no chronic illnesses. Everyone says I look 10
3 MagnumMama Sep-14-2017
01:09 PM
VERY low AMH at 33yrs old - Please help
I am 33 and have been TTC for almost two years now. After thinking our issue was male factor infertility and after two failed IUIs with my OBGYN my husband and I decided it was time for a specialist. Our new Dr. put me through a slew of tests that
3 MagnumMama Sep-14-2017
12:09 PM
Purple Possibilities
This lovely thread is only for the Purple Possibilities group Members. If you\'re one of them, you\'ll know what to do. Julia
2 avidmother Jul-19-2017
08:07 PM
Triumph Over Despair - 23456
Hello fellow fertile mamas! I am hoping to start a new thread with stories of success with Fertile Heart and the amazing journey we are all on. I have virtually memorized all the success stories in Julia\'s books and the website but I am always lo
161 MiraculousLife Jun-21-2017
04:06 PM
Any advice on how to get my cycle back on track after fertility meds?
Well, to update you all....I decided to not do IVF and instead try some IUIs with as little medication as possible. I did not want to go on Clomid again because of all the side effects, but I was open to it if other medications weren\'t working. I tr
1 ButterflyFaith May-08-2017
12:05 AM
anyone from India
Dear Group, I\'m new here. I have just found Julia\'s work few days ago and have ordered the book Fertile Female. But it will be two weeks before the book reaches me. I\'m so excited to start this work. I would like to connect with other women from
15 HarmoniousLife Apr-28-2017
04:04 AM
Would Love Some Advice About ART
Hello my FH Sisters and Happy 2017! I don\'t think this is an orphan-rooted request, but it could be. I seem to be so influenced by those little buggers lately. ha ha. I am struggling mightily with a decision about doing IVF. I know I can get
16 ButterflyFaith Apr-22-2017
08:04 PM
Process of imagery
Wish you all a joyful and supremely fertile 2017 ;) I have a question about imagery. Which way works better for you all, do you do the imagery while listening to Julia\'s instructions? Or do you listen to it once and then just do the imagination with
6 priyanka Jan-09-2017
09:01 AM
Imagery suggestions during the 2WW
hello lovely ladies, t he 2ww has always been a challenge for me, because I start cramping almost 10 days before my periods show up. So that means, from the time the cramps start I am trying to stay positive and hopeful and not go crazy. Sometimes
6 gracelife Jan-09-2017
07:01 AM
43 and going for surrogacy
So... surprisingly enough i feel too young for it but i have no other choice. I have had a terrible abortion in my 30s i didnt want to do but my ex made me do it because he didnt want to eaise a child with disabilities and the surgery left me with sc
2 heather1975teaching Jan-06-2017
01:01 PM
anyone have insight/experience on using a bio-identical progesterone cream
Hello ladies, I am looking for someone who can share their experience or offer insight into using an over the counter low dose progesterone cream. After the birth of my son November of 2015, my cycles became irregular and complicated. I modified m
5 ButterflyFaith Jan-05-2017
06:01 PM
Help! Can anyone relate? Natural Killer Cells and matching gene
Hello all, I have been trying to fall pregnant for 7 years. i fell pregnant on the first try but miscarried at 7 weeks. Since then i have not been able to fall pregnant. I have high FSH, low AMH, irregular cycles, digestive issues...the list goes o
7 sgh Dec-27-2016
10:12 AM
Visionary Moms of Current North American Teleconference (Starting 8/8/16)
Dear Visionaries, This thread is only for those of you who are currently in our awesome group. (Everyone else is welcome to read, but only posts from current members will be published here.) Please be sure to choose a username when posting, P
11 HarmoniousLife Dec-04-2016
03:12 PM
Perfect Timing
This is only for the \"Perfect Timing Circle.\" To use or not to use, whatever feels right! Great work last night, thank you! Julia
8 HarmoniousLife Nov-09-2016
03:11 AM
Fertile Heart Europe's Visionaries 7/28 - 2
We\'re continuing our dance today, you\'re welcome to check in here or on a blog! Can\'t wait to connect! Julia
39 PurpleParrot Sep-13-2016
11:09 AM
Doodling Dancers
Sweet and lovely Doodling Dancers this is for you!
18 deede Aug-15-2016
01:08 PM
TSH levels apt for conception?
Dear Fertile sisters, I checked my TSH level in September2015 and it was 3.89. My gynaecologist had said it\'s normal since the lab range indicated normal upto 5.5. However I read in a few places that for conception the level should be below 2.5.
5 gracelife Aug-04-2016
04:08 PM
Fertile Heart Rockstars
Welcome to all the Rockstars, This is just for you, you know what to do! Sending love to each of you, Julia
19 HarmoniousLife Jul-24-2016
10:07 PM
anyone with Normal AMH?
I have only come across information by women who have tested their AMH levels and have got very low readings. May be the ones with normal readings do not feel the need to share it anywhere since it is a non-issue. I\'m doing the practice and plan to
6 gracelife Jul-07-2016
04:07 PM
looking for women in michigan with high FSH levels
hello I am 35 yearsold and have been going through menopause for almost 10 years. my FSH levels are in there 80\'s. Has anybody had any FSH levels this high? My new to this forum.
6 MiraculousLife Jul-05-2016
04:07 AM
Fertile Heart Yellow Finch Lovers
Welcome to the Yellow Finch Lovers! (this thread is only for them, and they know who they are!)
10 Teina Apr-26-2016
09:04 AM
May 1st 2016 Workshop
Dear All. I just signed up for the May 1st workshop. This will be my second workshop. Being a comfortable driving distance from Woodstock is a blessing for me. So I decided to show up and connect with myself and Julia and other FH moms on their jo
1 HarmoniousLife Apr-06-2016
12:04 PM
Choosing Possibility
This is only for the official Choosers of Possibility, Welcome! You know who you are and what to do!
5 HarmoniousLife Apr-02-2016
03:04 PM
Blossoms of Golden Spring
For the lovely group of blossoms I got to meet. This is just for you!
3 AnnabelL Mar-10-2016
10:03 AM
Fertile Heart Eagle Mamas
This one is only for the Eagle mamas and you know who you are!
24 peacefulwarrior Feb-29-2016
02:02 AM
Women Can Produce New Eggs After All
As I dive into this baby making journey, I keep hearing the idea that women have all the eggs we will ever have at birth. That concept just makes no sense to me because every day from our nails, hair, skin, the blood cells flowing through our body; e
3 ButterflyFaith Feb-17-2016
12:02 AM
Irregular Cycles
Hello to all you wonderful ladies :) This is my first time posting on this forum although I have spent countless hours reading and absorbing everyone\'s stories. I have high FSH, low AMH, high LH... oh, and old age -and have been reminded of all t
6 mariamom Feb-14-2016
01:02 PM
Question about Propecia
Hello, I\'m 34 years old man. A long time ago (before about 10 or 11 years), I used Propecia for a short time (I used it for about 6 months). I didn\'t have any sexual problems ( libido disorders, ejaculation disorders, etc. I didn\'t have any pro
1 alon_lon Feb-13-2016
11:02 AM