International Holocaust Memorial Day: I Am the Youngest of Three

A FertileHeartedHuman-Project Video

This video is part of the FertileHeartedHuman Project I initiated after 9/11.  As I see it, I can’t very well support people in bringing children into the world, unless I encourage them to actively engage in birthing a far more child-friendly earth.

I  never saw my mother cry.

She kept a safe distance from the incoming tide of sorrow, which, left unchecked, might have washed away her two new children, her husband, her brand new second life.

The unutterable remained untold.

When she spoke about her eight-year-old son, it was never the deportation she described.

For my mother, grieving was not an option.

I, on the other, am now strong enough to face several possible paths:

To allow the generations of unclaimed grief in my family line to overwhelm me.

Or to honor the memory of the little boy in that video, and the memory of my two grandmothers, Yolan and Sofie  and my 32 year old aunt  Adele and to keep turning their stories into a source of strength.

From The One-Heart Revolution by Julia Indichova (EDD 9/11/17)

The intention of the FertileHeartedHuman Project is to contribute to a more meaningful public dialogue about the roots of violence and

  • to affirm our ability as conscious adults to channel painful feelings into a creative force
  • to acknowledge our responsibility as members of the earth-community, to actively engage in reducing suffering caused by tragic consequences of violence.
  • to eliminate the depletion of our common resources and the environmental devastation caused by the destructive effects of wars.

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