The not-yet-born, who still know everything” is a phrase from Mary Oliver’s poem “In Blackwater Woods.” I wonder what the not-yet-born are trying to tell us these days. If I were a silky-faced baby about to plunge into this world, I would unquestionably lobby for change.

Perhaps somewhere in the overworld a council of babies-to-be convenes each day. Perhaps the members of this council have vetoed breast milk laced with heavy metals and gasoline as an acceptable food item. Chances are they’ve been briefed about the endocrine disruptors such as dioxin — the most poisonous organic man-made chemical, second in toxicity only to radioactive waste — and know that these are not only slowing down our sperm and confusing our pituitary gland, are not only killing off species of butterflies, birds, fish, beetles, and bees; aren’t just contaminating the water, food, and air we breathe. They’re depleting the resources our children will need to live.  Perhaps the not-yet-born are becoming seriously worried.”

From The Fertile Female

Julia has also appeared on many national and local radio shows and other outlets. She is available in the New York City area for in-person interviews and elsewhere by phone or satellite uplink. She can also help put together a panel of people (experts and parents) who have successfully incorporated her approach regarding infertility help.

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