Elevated FSH & Pregnancy: Julia Indichova and Fertility Specialist Dr. Licciardi on the Health Show

Elevated FSH & Pregnancy: Julia Indichova and Infertility Specialist Dr. Frederick Licciardi on The Health Show

In this brief segment of the Health Show, New York Times columnist Robert Lipsyte interviews Julia Indichova and Dr. Frederick Licciardi about infertility issues and the lifestyle changes and healing regimen that helped Julia overcome her  hopeless infertility diagnosis and give birth to her daughter at the age of 44.

Since the broadcast of that show, Julia has guided countless other women with elevated FSH and other fertility challenges to reclaim their health and their fertility through the life-enhancing tools of the Fertile Heart Ovum Fertility Program.


Womans Legs walking up steps 4 simple steps to re-claiming your fertility and your life

4 Simple Steps

to Re-Claiming Your Fertility & Your Life

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