Starting the Fertile Heart Ovum (I.B.O.W.) Program, a Natural Fertility Treatment Program

Julia Indichova answers the most frequently asked questions on starting with her original fertility enhancing practice

natural pregnantcy after failed IVF

 I remember quite clearly

I remember how devastated I  was 22 years ago when I received my diagnosis. I think the first thing I would’ve wanted someone to tell me, is this:

Stop, take a breath, trust the longing in your heart!

There is hope, what you long for is possible for you. Choose a path and keep walking closer and closer to your own truth. Not the superficial truth, but the truth that comes from a well examined humble place inside you. It is bound to take you closer and closer to your child.

I didn’t get that kind of reassurance but today, after two decades of working with thousands of women and men just like you.  I can offer it to you with full confidence.

Had I stumbled upon Fertile Heart, here is how I’d start:

1. I would start with watching the Fertility Success Stories video to help me  decide if I can trust Fertile Heart enough to take a first step.  Trust is perhaps the most important ingredient that activates the healing power of any remedy.

2. For more inspiration and to get a deeper sense of what is possible, I would read the following articles written about the I,B,O.W. program by independent professional journalists: – This is a link to one of the most accurate articles about the Fertile Heart work in the August 2007, issue of Chronogram magazine: – This is a link to a May 12, 2010 article in NewsTimes about one of my clients:

3. If at all possible I would attend the Meeting Your Child Halfway Intensive, an in-person workshop, as soon as I could.  To help me decide, I could read more testimonials from women with different diagnoses, those who used ART and those who conceived naturally.

Natural Fertility Treatment Program4. If after watching and reading the above I felt in any way curious about the Fertile Heart™ Ovum Practice, and would like support with starting it, I’d register for the next Fertility Support Introductory Teleconference Series. 

5. I would call my local bookstore to see if  they have a copy of The Fertile Female and start using the book as a guiding resource for the most exciting research project I’ve ever been assigned to undertake.

6. I would read about the medicinal power of the unique Fertile Heart Ovum Approach to Guided Imagery, which is one of the key Fertile Heart remedies.Natural Fertility Treatment Program

7. Similarly, I’d read about the medicinal power of Fertile Heart Body Truth, listen to the CD and begin to heal myself with the help of that powerful fertility remedy.

8. I would listen to the two imagery CD’s and Body Truth CD and begin to engage with the practice, as I suggested earlier, as if this were the most exciting assignment I’ve ever been chosen for. (The cost of the 3 CDs is roughly equal to one acupuncture session, and what it can offer you will not only serve you on your baby journey but in every other creative endeavor.)

9. Devote some time to reading through the articles on this web site. Learn about the power of specific high quality fertility supplementsfoods that increase fertilityfoods and herbs for ovulation boost, tools that heal the fear of miscarriages, articles on pregnancy and high FSH, or low AMH, so called “secondary infertility” and anything else relevant to your diagnosis.

10. I would become part of the Sisterhood of Fertile Hearts support community—one of the few, if not the only, fiercely independent, sponsorship-free fertility community—by commenting on the Fertile Heart Blog, sharing some of my experiences and questions about the tools on the Fertile Heart Message Board or on Facebook. I would make a contribution and add my voice to the many voices of women who feel that it’s time for a fertility game changer.Natural Fertility Treatment Program

And why exactly would I go into all that trouble?

I would do this because I already tried everything else. Or maybe because I know that my not-yet-born child needs me to become as healthy and strong as I can. I would also do all of the above because I know that my child needs me to speak up for a healthier, safer earth-home and a more sustainable and honest approach to reproductive health care. That’s exactly what I would do, if I were to begin this journey today. Congratulations again on following through on your longing to become a mom or dad.

Only amazing women and men are drawn to this work, so I already know something about you.  And I sincerely hope to have a chance to learn more!



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