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Fertile Heart Visionaries Zoom Series –

Drop into the Heart in Our Circle of Friends (couples welcome)

Baby's Hand in Mom's Hand Fertile Heart Visionaries

This is an ongoing Zoom Circle for anyone looking to fully engage in their own healing through a deeper understanding of the Fertile Heart philosophy and the Fertile Heart toolkit.

Learning Resources: Meeting Your Child Halfway Video Series, The Fertile Female & Inconceivable

Space in this group is limited, kindly check about availability prior to acquiring the Video Series. Unless you wish to own them regardless of your participation in the circle.


I’m thrilled that you’re considering joining our community of valiant Fertile Heart Visionaries! If there is one thing that’s clear in our collective evolution is that the children already here and the ones on the way need us to become visionaries.

With the escalating need for live support, the Visionary calls are now open for ongoing enrollment.  Although spots open frequently, since space in the group is limited, kindly reach out to PRIOR to REGISTERING to make sure we have space for you.

Also, kindly note the prerequisites: we are indeed dropping deep into the heart and we’re engaging with a tender subject.  In order to create a respectful space for the practice and for each other, I ask that  you read the information on this page  VISIONARY SUPPORT CIRCLE PREREQUISITES to help you prepare for your first circle with us.




Going deeper with your Fertile Heart OVUM practice with guidance & a circle of friends is exactly what thousands of parents have done in our ongoing Visionary gatherings.

Mom with fertile Heart Baby

Because conception takes practice. And we can only conceive a new idea, and a new way of living our longing through a particular relationship.

Not just any relationship: A conception-friendly relationship.

In a safe and BRAVE space.

In a “come as you are” circle of people who can hear you. Because they have learned to listen and hear themselves.

We need each other and we need provisions for the road.

That’s what the tools of the practice can offer us, if we learn how to use them. They can feed the seeds of the emerging mother/father/parent we’re giving birth to through our practice.

Come and kick off your shoes in our lovely imaginal meeting room, find your seat in the circle. Look at all the gorgeous, alive, fertile faces around you and drop into the heart.

Can’t wait to see you there.


Since the medicinal power of this group depends on the level of engagement, in order to co-create the safest,  richest, most fun, most meaningful experience for everyone, this group is by invitation.  To make sure we all have a basic understanding of the tools, there is a simple pre-requisite for joining.  Usually we have room for new friends. So be sure to drop me a short note I’ll get back to you about the logistics. xoxo 

I am so excited to write to you to let you know that a few weeks ago I gave birth to twin girls, conceived the old fashion way…I want to thank you so much for being there for me during my journey to my daughters.  There are many things you said that impacted my path so strongly…I  also have to thank you for really teaching me about the idea of listening to my truth.  So many moments in this journey…it was so valuable to remind myself that  do not need to accept the truths of others since I can listen to my truth.  That lesson has gotten me through some incredibly challenging experiences these past few months. Thank you so much for helping me get to this place where I can enjoy being a mom to these two new beautiful souls.  Your work was invaluable for me, and the fact that I was blessed to conceive naturally–and twins–is just so amazing to me. I am grateful beyond words.

Dalia D.



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Dear  Supremely Fertile Friends,

Chances are you’ve heard me say this before but here it is again: the OVUM Birthing Practice is a practice, and the more you engage with it, the easier it becomes to access the guidance of your inner Fertility Authority Then, the  more grounded you are in your own truth, the easier it is to choose the next best step on your journey.

Julia teaching in Fertile Heart studio
Julia teaching in Fertile Heart studio

“I came to Julia’s website just over a year ago with 6 failed IUIs, 5 failed IVF cycles, and 4 more cancelled IVF attempts. I had been trying to have a child for over 6 years and went through every fertility medical route possible. I was 40 years old and was being told by some of the best doctors in the field that I needed to strongly consider donor eggs…My heart was broken from all the cycles of hope, followed by disappointment, and I felt in deep despair… To be honest, I was a bit skeptical, but I had exhausted the medical route…. Thank you, thank you, thank you Julia – for the wonderful work you do with Fertile Heart and the lives you touch with your fertility program!!” – Gen G. Nashville, USA

The intention of this ongoing group continues to be the same as in the introductory sessions, to offer you the support you might need to:

• Keep engaging with the practice before the heartache of multiple failed fertility treatments, or before you spend a year “dabbling” in imagery or Body Truth without fully following through on either.

• To deepen your understanding of the I.B.O.W. ideas and tools and to continue to identify and overcome the specific inner obstacles that keep you from becoming a parent.

• To offer you a chance to ask questions and feedback on your particular circumstances. (This is a larger group and I might not always be able to address each person’s issues, but ultimately we all wrestle with the same questions.)

• To deepen your understanding of the difference between being a passive observer of infertility politics and becoming a game-changer dedicated to turning the tide of Reproductive Technopoly* toward sustainable reproductive healthcare.

• To heed the call of our not-yet-born children to become agents of hope and change in our much-in-need-of-evolution human family.

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Please note: Because of the emotionally charged nature of the subject matter, the facilitator reserves the right to withdraw the invitation to participate from anyone at any point during the workshops or ongoing Visionary groups.

*Technopoly –  a term coined by the late cultural critic, Neil Postman. is a system wherein technology is always viewed as positive and of value, with little consideration of its consequences. “It is the kind of friend” writes Postman “that asks for trust and obedience because its gifts are truly bountiful. But, of course, there is a dark side to this friend. Its gifts are not without a heavy cost.”


January 11, 2022
8:30 PM - 10:00 PM
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