Fertility Herbs: 5 Steps to Making an Herbal Infusion

Herbal Infusion Step 1 - Fertility Herbs

Step 1: Take a clean, dry quart-size bell jar and add one handful of dried crushed Nettle leaves (about 1 oz) to the jar. (Spring is a perfect time to support your liver with a dandelion/nettle infusion – check out all the good those simple herbs can do)

Herbal Infusion Step 2 - Fertility Herbs

Step 2: Fill the jar with boiling water. If the jar was stored in a cool place, you can rinse it with hot water to make sure it doesn’t shatter when you fill it with boiling water.


Herbal Infusion Step 3 - Fertility Herbs

Step 3: Allow the water to cool down before tightening the lid and steep for at least 4 hours or overnight.

Herbal Infusion Step 4 - Fertility Herbs

Step 4: An easy way to strain the infusion is to rest a small strainer on top of a wide-mouth funnel.

Herbal Infusion Step 5 - Fertility Herbs

Step 5: After straining, squeeze out the remaining liquid from the pulp.

Enjoy! - Fertility Herbs

And enjoy!


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