Egg Donation: The Fertile Heart™ OVUM Road

Egg donation can be a road of healing if we make it so. It can also be a road of frustration and pain if we choose it to force our bodies into doing what they’re not ready for.

After 4 Failed Donor Egg Cycles, a Baby at 51-Helen, London, UK

I was 35 years old when I started trying for a baby. I am now 53 and have the most wonderful 18 month old Egg Donation Success Story after 4 Failed Egg Donation Cyclesdaughter and my dream has come true. But it took me all those years of agony, 2 miscarriages and 4 failed donor egg IVFs. What made the difference on the 5th IVF?

Without a doubt it was joining the circle and practice of Fertile Heart when I was almost 51.

I’d read your book, Inconceivable, and then when I saw your website, Julia, I KNEW it was for me. I was so glad to have found a way of moving forward and embracing the issues that were preventing what I knew was possible for me. To have a family.

When I found out I was pregnant, I was excited, nervous and everything in between. I listened to “blanket of reassurance” and “it’s all good” plus also I find invaluable the guided meditation on body truth cd 1.  Plus 9 hearts.  They’re all wonderful and actually when I was  anxious or couldn’t sleep I just found (and still do find) that hearing your voice (any of the theory or imagery) brought me to a better place within myself again.

I really got into my Fertile Heart practice and by joining the teleconference calls I got to ask my questions, hone my practice, listen to others on a similar journey, and identify what was key for me through your input. I remember so looking forward to the calls and enjoying the huge opportunity they offered for learning.  I really learned so much about myself and about the journey I was on. It was exciting. And I felt that old adage: ‘when the student is ready, the teacher appears’.  I was so ready to learn!

I can’t thank you enough for being you, and sharing what you know. It’s made all the difference!

Helen London, UK  



A. and G., Chicago, IL

Egg donation Pregnant belly download the audio presentation here

I am pregnant!

We are still in disbelief, very excited, and fearful! Doing the guided meditations, Unconditional Gratitude, Nine Hearts, Blanket of Reassurance and It’s All Good, has been so very helpful!  Your voice is incredibly soothing and encouraging at the same time!  Thank you so much for your help and your guidance.

I connected with your work as soon as I started reading about it and I felt like a different person from the 1st workshop we went to one year ago. After our first failed donor cycle, we were going to move right into the second one, but after the workshop we decided to take a break and give the Fertile Heart OVUM work a chance.


After almost a year we decided we were ready.  I cannot even begin to express the gratitude I feel for you and the work you do and how you can help heal hearts that are hurting and crying.  You are certainly a heart healer :)  God Bless you and your entire family!

Thank you so much Julia!

A. and G. have a beautiful baby boy, A. was 46 when she conceived. 


Meghan M., San Francisco, CA

I’m a cancer survivor who was thrust into early menopause at the age of 20 to save my life. I, too, attended Julia’s workshop when she was here in San Francisco. It was pretty awesome. The moment I decided to go I knew I was doing something great for myself, and for my future. When I went there I had been struggling with the possibility of egg donation for 6 years…
At the workshop and afterward I found I was reaching a space that finally allowed me see that I had options to create our family. And that I wasn’t less of a mother, woman, person, catholic, or wife for seeking generosity from and egg donor.
Along with diet and imagery I really delved deep into my “tissues” as Julia says. Through imagery, blogs, reading her books, the retreat and conference calls I did that. It was very powerful.  I also used the vitamins she ecommended which I loved and felt really good using. We are now 4 1/2 months pregnant with two gorgeous beings.
I am proud to carry these spirits into this world and look forward to staying true to myself through the process… Thanks Julia for…your continued work.  I’m so grateful to you I think the work that you do is amazing.  It’s so needed in this world and I really… just really appreciate it.  I wouldn’t be where I am if people like you didn’t come into my life

Morgan Hamel, Canada

In a coincidence that I can only describe a miracle, my mom told me about Julia’s book just two days before we received the POF diagnosis. Something in me just knew that I had to find Inconceivable. After calling around to countless bookstores, only to be told they had no copies, I decided in a last ditch effort to walk to the used bookstore at the end of my street. And there it was — that little white spine. I devoured the book in an afternoon. It was as if part of me knew that I would need its strength to carry me through.

Morgan's little girl in her first nursery.

Olive’s little girl in her first nursery.

The day of the diagnosis, my heart was broken — ripped apart and raw. I was shocked that the thing that I wanted most in the entire world — a baby, the union of my eggs and my husband’s sperm — was not available to me. A few percentage points difference in the statistics of various egg donor clinics didn’t seem to matter much when the possibility of having children that were genetically my own had been stolen away — as if by some dark creature in the night.

On February 14th, just 6 days after the diagnosis, I formally entered the Fertile Heart community via Julia’s Valentine’s Day Fertility Support Circle  When I hung up after those 90 minutes, I knew that my broken heart could – and would – become whole again. Just six weeks later, my wonderful mom and I were on a plane down to Woodstock, NY for Julia’s Meeting Your Child Halfway workshop. Being from the Western part of Canada, this was no short trip – but not going simply wasn’t an option.  You can hear the rest of Morgan’s story on the Egg Donation as an Instrument of Healing Audio Program.

M.S., San Francisco, CA

After all these years of heartbreak, miscarriages, depression, confusion, S. is here with us. Her birth was exhilarating and very emotional what a thrilling experience. We can’t stop looking at her. So many overwhelming feelings. After all these yars, we’re embarking on a new journey and even thought we have a lot to learn, we love the experience of being parents. Thank you for your wisdom, support and loving compassion. You’ve been my lighthouse, and anchor and a powerful light giving me continuous signals on how to navigate through my heart.

I remember very well when you, Julia were introducing yourseld at the Workshop in Woodstock, and said something like — all of you here have probably gone through a lot and you think this is your last stop, and some of you might be wondering what the hell am I doing here, in Woodstock, sitting in this woman’s studio with all these strangers?— And, I was, yes, wondering, what am I doing here? But, I didn’t know experiencing Julia was going to change my life, my outlook, my attitude. It had nothing to do with life style, exercise, yoga, wheatgrass, imagery, visualization, meditation, super healthy diet, acupuncture, fertility supplements blah, blah, blah, BUT with the core of ME. Who I was. I started participating in all her teleconferences and slowly digesting her teachings and opening myself up…

Thank you for your wisdom, support and loving compassion. You’ve been my lighthouse, and anchor and a powerful light giving me continuous signals on how to navigate through my heart.

I know the journey doesn’t end here and this may be just the beginning of it. Looking forward to moving ahead.


Comments are from Fertile Heart™ workshop participants. A number of Julia Indichova’s former clients are also available for interview. Film clips from a currently filmed documentary are available upon request.

An experiential workshop 
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with Julia Indichova author of Inconceivable & The Fertile Female

An experiential workshop

recorded live and ready for viewing

with Julia Indichova author of
Inconceivable & The Fertile Female

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