Birthing a Child-Friendly Earth: The FertileHeartedHuman Project

Birthing a Child Friendly Earth

9/11 to 11/9: The FertileHeartedHuman Project

A wise man said: “The only thing needed for Evil to triumph is for well meaning people to do nothing.” (Edmund Burke) 

The FertileHeartedHuman Project is about well meaning people connecting to do something.

In this case we are applying the tools of the Fertile HeartOVUM Practice to increasing the consciousness of compassion within the human family.

More than 2,964 people from over 50 countries were murdered on September 11, 2001. The tragedy of this magnitude can be a giant step toward increasing global consciousness.

But it is not going to happen without us.

If we are to ever measurably reduce suffering within the earth-community, we must begin by acknowledging that the impulse toward cruelty is present in all of us. Unless we recognize it and choose not to act on it, this impulse will continue to seek expression in ways we cannot control.

The intention of the FertileHeartedHuman Project is to channel the energy of grief and rage into a creative force; to contribute to a more meaningful public dialog about the roots of violence and –

  • To honor the lives of women and men from over 50 countries, murdered on September 11, 2001, by engaging in a deeper public dialogue about the roots of violence. We begin that dialogue by recognizing the impulse toward cruelty within ourselves and by choosing not to act on that impulse.
  • To affirm our ability as conscious adults to channel painful feelings into a creative force
  • To acknowledge our responsibility as members of the earth-community, to actively engage in reducing suffering caused by tragic consequences of violence.
  • To eliminate the depletion of our common resources and the environmental devastation caused by the destructive effects of wars.

If you’d like to engage with this project more actively, join our mailing list and come say hello on our FertileHeartedHuman Facebook page.

Here’s to birthing a fertilehearted human who wishes no harm!

Julia Indichova

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