Low AMH, High FSH Success Stories

Pregnant Naturally after 3 Miscarriages, High FSH

Dear Julia, I came from Switzerland last summer to attend your workshop. After many fertility specialists telling me my only chance at motherhood would be through egg donation or adoption, I was compelled to come to you because your story so closely resembled my own.

I was diagnosed with entering an early menopause with FSH levels at 33 and 32 in two consecutive months. I had had three miscarriages along the way, and began blaming myself for having “old eggs” and “waiting too long.” I was 38 at the time.
When I googled high FSH and fertility, I found you and quickly read your books. HOPE!

There was someone out there who had high FSH and became pregnant. I knew I had to buy a ticket to attend your workshop. Your approach felt right to me and validated some things I had already started to think and do on my own. That day with you was transformative. I was filled with such energy and passion. I felt like a whole person again, indeed, a “holy human loaf.” In fact, you stood me in the center of the circle and called me that. You have no idea what that moment did for me. I am not even sure I can describe it. You also told the group I could be pregnant in three months. Why not? I had all the parts. I could nurture the “loaf.” Three months later I became pregnant. I get goose bumps now even typing this. The doctors were completely stunned and kept doing ultrasounds every week in the beginning to “see if it was still there.” They didn’t believe it could possibly be viable, yet I went on to have a normal pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby boy on June 19. His name is Zeph Alexandre Levy. His dad is French and is very much a wind person. Zeph means breeze in French, and we thought it was very fitting. I will send you pictures in another email. Keep up your wonderful work, Julia! You are an inspiration, and we can’t thank you enough. I would be honored if you used my story along with my name.

My warmest regards, Amy Smearsoll, Switzerland

Jacqueline K., Westchester, NY

At the age of 31 and about to embark on my third round of Clomid (I had been trying to conceive for approximately 15 months at that point), I happened to do a routine FSH and E2 reading on Day 3 of my cycle. The test came back with an FSH of 38! Yes, that is right, a 38 at the age of 31. Needless to say, I was completely shocked when I received this news and the subsequent inevitable “donor egg” speech (which my RE gave me while I was at work, I might add, and within 2 minutes after he gave me the news of the FSH. To say I was devastated would be an understatement, as I am sure many of you understand. A couple of other fertility specialists in NYC re-affirmed that I had premature ovarian failure and that my best chance of conceiving would be with an egg donor. This diagnosis, however, did seem to provide an explanation as to why my cycles, after going off the Pill, had basically become non-existent as well as erratic (the length of my cycles varied between 21 and 42 days). I had lost all hope.

While still absorbing the shock of this news, my husband (who, by nature, is a very positive and optimistic person) went on the web to find any articles out there where someone, anyone, had conceived with a high FSH. And that, of course, led him to Julia Indichova, her book Inconceivable andwww.fertileheart.com. I absolutely loved Inconceivable! This book provided me with strength, confidence and inspiration during a very difficult time in my life. I found Julia to be an exceptional writer who was able to relay the exact feelings I was experiencing. Her suggestions to improve your quality of life and health in a natural manner were extremely helpful and liberating. Everything she said in her book made absolute sense to me. I then learned about one of Julia’s workshops in NYC, which I attended in January. I was subsequently privileged to have several private consultations with Julia. We started working on improving my quality of life, despite what the doctors had told me. My biggest accomplishment, however, with Julia was working through the many emotional issues I had regarding childbirth and pregnancy (by way of discussions and imagery). My father is an obstetrician/gynecologist and at a young age I had been exposed to too many stories and articles about pregnancy and its complications. As a result, I had developed a deep fear of pregnancy, but soon after I started having conversations with Julia, I began having vivid, telling dreams which were very cathartic for me.

Several months into my work with Julia, I found out that I had conceived naturally! My baby is due in March. I know that working with Julia and the Fertile Heart tools, led me to where I am right now and for that, I will forever be indebted to her and her amazing, inspiring Fertile Heart work.

I wanted to convey my story on this website to give hope to anyone who has a high FSH and was told, as I was, that they would not be able to conceive on their own. While it is going to be a battle to win the war (one of the first things my RE told me when I went in to confirm my pregnancy was “This shouldn’t be happening to a person like you, but, for some reason, it is.”—how is that for words of encouragement?), we need to trust ourselves and our inner voices and provide support for each other. We need to believe that anything is possible. Medical doctors do not know everything and, as has been voiced on this website before, FSH is a number. Keep on trying yourselves and be good to yourselves!”


(A few years later, Jacqueline returned to take the Fertile Heart workshop in Woodstock, strengthened her body and heart once again, and became pregnant the old fashioned way with Julia, a beautiful healthy little girl.)

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Intro Teleconference with Julia Indichova

Miriam and baby Elena, San Francisco, CA

Dear Julia, I’ve been a follower of yours for some time, books, fertility support teleconferences, and emails, I wanted to let you know that against all odds and predictions (age, high FSH, low AMH, you name it I had it diagnosed…), I became a mother last week at age 42 of a beautiful baby girl. Thank you for all your support and what you do for women around the world!

Miriam (and baby Elena)

Karmen R., London, England

I was diagnosed with endometriosis about two years ago and had laproscopic surgery six months later. I tried to get pregnant for about two years, before and after the surgery, to no avail. I did two IUI’s, which didn’t work and finally decided on my 37th birthday to move on to IVF. My husband and I went to see a high-flying fertility doctor in Manhattan and he gave us a pep talk about IVF, saying that I was an ideal candidate. He did some routine hormone tests and I resigned myself to doing the procedure, though my heart wasn’t in it.

I did a day 3 FSH test on a Sunday and got a call later that day from a nurse. She told me my FSH was 17.8 and that the “cut-off” for IVF was 12 or 14. I looked this up on the web after talking to her, desperate for information, and read numerous reports confirming this. I went into shock. My husband and I spent the day crying, feeling like someone just read us a death sentence. Then at one point I got up off the couch, marched over to the health food store, got myself a huge green juice and made up in my mind that I was going to fight this.

On the way home I passed Barnes and Nobles and floated up to the childbirth section to look for any shred of information on high FSH. Julia Indichova’s book Inconceivable caught my attention and I immediately bought it and brought it home. This was the beginning of a magical process that would change my life and affirm to me the potential of my own power to change and create circumstances in my life, even beyond pregnancy.

I raced through Julia’s excellent book, which was arresting in its honesty, candor and straight-forward telling of her incredible story. The book was full of excellent information, sometimes deceptively simple, but what I now know to have been the key to what later shifted the course of my life. I was extremely impressed with her emphasis on trusting your own resources and treating doctor’s advice as just guidance, and not the word of god.

I immediately logged on to Julia’s website fertileheart.com and found out that she was having one of her workshops the very next day in Manhattan. I cancelled my plans and showed up to a room full of women at all stages of experience—some were pregnant, some had just happily adopted, some were just embarking on the conception route and some had been at it for a while. In the center of this circle was a small, Eastern European magician with a disarming manner and an irreverent mouth that I instantly loved—Julia Indichova. What she taught me that day and in the one-day workshop my husband and I subsequently attended in Woodstock will last me a lifetime. Today I am 20 weeks pregnant with a little boy and girl (twins!).

I did do IVF in the end—after cleaning out my body and doing Julia’s “body talk” and other techniques, I ended up bringing my FSH down to 5.2—a huge drop my doctors in London, my second home, said they had never before seen. With extra phone sessions with Julia, I navigated my way through fertility treatment. Julia is a gem in the world and way ahead of her time. What she has taught me will stay with me long after my children are born.

Comments are from Fertile Heart™ workshop participants. A number of Julia Indichova’s former clients are also available for interview. Film clips from a currently filmed documentary are available upon request.

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