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By on November 21, 2015

Fertility Cleanse as your very own personal hygiene habit

“I bought three different  pricey programs for the “fertility cleanse.”  Most of the jars and bottles are sitting unopened on my bathroom floor.”

I keep hearing similar reports from clients over and over again.

So the first thing to remember is that there are as many ways to accomplish your personal  fertility cleanse as there are people.

The same way there is no one fertility diet, there is also no one size fits all fertility cleanse.

We have an ongoing conversation about cleansing in our Fertility Support Teleconferences, but for now these 10 Steps to pre-conception detox are meant to spell out some of the principles of gentle cleansing, adding foods and supplements that will lovingly nudge the body toward a more pregnancy friendly space without spending a fortune.

The idea is to make fertility cleansing an ongoing hygiene habit rather than something you put yourself through once a year and then say, Phew, done!

  • Ease the workload for the Body-Child 

     – Even if you’re a meat eater, for the duration of the pre-conception cleanse stick with fruits and vegetables, and easy to digest well soaked grains. Digestion is the most labor intensive task for the body and by making digestion easier, more energy can be channelled for cleansing and detox.

    By easing the body’s workload you’re also making the job of the hard working cleansing organs –  liver, gallblader, kidneys, intestines,skin and lungs — easier.

    Without guilt tripping yourself into a radical overhaul and then throwing in the towel, meet yourself where you are.  Walk into your very own custom crafted fertility cleanse with a gentle attitude of a Mommy preparing her child for a fun experiment.

    Use the occasion of  the pre-conception detox  as inspiration to cross off your meal plan all the usual fertility-damaging food culprits  such as caffeine, alcohol, white flour and processed sugars (See 10 Fertility Food Tips and the  food related chapters in The Fertile Female for a more detailed list)

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  • Support your liver

    The liver is one of the most hardworking organs in our bodies, processing most toxins.  Love and support your liver by lightening her workload and adding a high quality comprehensive liver support formula, such as Hepacil which contains turmeric, broccoli and blueberry extract, and other essential cleansing-support compounds  One of my Dad clients I recently interviewed for an upcoming book, was raving about the virtues of this formula.

    The mighty Beet is a gorgeous liver and gallbladder support vegetable, so be sure to add it to your green juice or to your salad.

  • Heavy Metal Detox

    -A heavy metal detoxifying supplement can be a useful fertility supplement to add to all of our healing regimens, but it can be  especially useful for people suffering from allergies, and chronic ailments, and people who have had amalgam fillings for a long time. Chlorella is popular heavy metal detox supplements. Cilantro is known to be an effective heavy metal binding food. I love throwing a bunch of cilantro into my Green Lemonade  You might also check out  Zeolite. oone  the heavy metal detoxifiers receiving a great deal of attention See my article for futher guidance)

  • Digestion – 

    Take a high quality digestive enzyme with every meal (even if it’s fruit or salad) but especially meals that contains cooked food It will facilitate more efficient digestion, and depending on the ingredients, a quality digestive enzyme will also help move toxins out of your body. (See brand recommendations)Fertile Heart Overcoming Infertility

  • Internal Ecology

    Add a high quality probiotic to help restore the balance between healthy and harmful bacteria

  • Fiber

    Broccoli & cauliflower are great sources of fiber, but they are goitrogens, which means that they interfere with your body's absorption of iodine. They should not be eaten raw, especially if you suspect hypothyroidism. Blanching or light steaming neutralizes the goitrogenic effect.

    Broccoli & cauliflower are great sources of fiber, but they are goitrogens, which means that they interfere with your body’s absorption of iodine. They should not be eaten raw, especially if you suspect hypothyroidism. Blanching or light steaming neutralizes the goitrogenic effect.

    Eat plenty of fiber rich foods such as whole grains, vegetables, especially cruciferous vegetables (see important note beneath the broccoli image) on. fruits, lentils, barley. The increase in fiber consumption should be gradual.  As with any excess, excessive fiber could be dehydrating the cells and interfere with proper absorption of nutrients.

  • Get moving

    -Include a break for some pleasurable, aerobic activity — if at all possible outdoors — in your daily itinerary.

  • Scoop on poop

    Before moving to a juice fast or a more radical pre-conception detox, your internal cleansing brigade should be coming through with two full bowel movements a day.

  • Easy fast

    -When you’re ready, you could start with a one day vegetable juice fast – see Green Lemonade recipe in my Tips on Juicing for Fertility post, or improvise your own blend of veggies keeping in mind that you don’t want to juice any vegetables that you wouldn’t ordinarily eat raw.

  • Experiment

    Extend the juice fast to a weekend or long weekend depending on what you’re ready for.  During  the fast, be sure to create space for sufficient rest periods during the day and an uninterrupted  good night sleep (8 hours or more) A full body massage and gentle stretching will also help support your lymphatic drainage

  • The  most essential part of every fertility cleanse

    As I like to say, In the Kingdom of baby making, the power of veto is with Her Majesty the Heart. infertility-inspiration-quotesWhich means that no pre-conception detox is complete without tending to your heart.   In the Inside Job chapter of my first book Inconceivable I talk about how after all the diet changes, cleansing and detoxing, I discovered an urgent need to attend to all my inner voices of defeat. Thankfully you don’t need to go through 10 years of psychotherapy to heal them. The Fertile Heart Toolkit is a mind-body-heart fertility cleanse that turns all your inner “Orphans” into passionate fertilehearted Visionary Mamas.

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See the food and supplement related chapters in The Fertile Female for additional inspiration and information.

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