Birth a Book, Raise Your Voice

A Woodstock Bookfest Workshop with Julia Indichova

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The wish to be heard can become the most energizing force in our lives. But, as Mary Oliver tells us, in order to follow through on that wish, “there is little the creatively inclined person can do but to prepare for the labor to come.”

Although she never aspired to become an author, after the birth of her allegedly impossible-to-conceive daughter, Julia Indichova felt her story could make a difference to others. The same tools that helped her give birth to a child became central in writing Inconceivable, a memoir hailed by Library Journal as “a book that will make any reader feel stronger no matter what their medical politics.”

Julia Indichova talks about her Birth-a-Book workshop

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In this experiential workshop you’ll learn to –

  • access the voice of your inner authority and unapologetically acknowledge the value of your contribution
  • replenish your inner resources when you feel stymied in your writing
  • identify the elements of our own book-birthing practice
  • recognize the pros and cons of self-publishing versus being published by a major publishing house
  • determine the pros and cons of engaging a literary agent
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4 Simple Steps

to Re-Claiming Your Fertility & Your Life

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