Bowing Journal: Showing Up for Hope

By on June 13, 2016

We’re safe here.

Let’s turn off the news. Put blinders on. After all, it’s Ferguson, it’s Paris. it’s Benghazi, it’s Orlando. It’s all taking place somewhere else. Far away.

We’re safe here.JuliaBowing20160611

Let’s just think positive. Bring more babies into the world. Let’s not linger on that horrifying headline.  Let’s stay safely invisible.

Except that Love will not win without us.

Saturday was the 11th, I bowed in the morning. In the evening came the horrifying news of another massacre.

For me, the questions are always the same:

What will I do with my grief?

How will I show up for Hope especially in such a seemingly hopeless battle?

How do I keep bowing to Peace, not just by unrolling my banner on the 11th of each month, but by how I live my life.

By what I speak up for.

The battles I choose to fight.

The conversations I dare to initiate.

My children and Hope Herself expect nothing less of me.





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