Fertile Heart Facilitator Certification Program

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Julia Indichova in studio with chairs; Welcome Fertile Heart Facilitator Certification Program

Session One: Welcome and congratulations.  Yes, you are tilting the scale! 

Hands forming heart Living the Practice

Session Two: Living The Practice

As facilitators, we need to have a level of understanding of reproductive health & and reproductive technology but the kind of “knowledge” and insight we aim to transmit to the people who seek our support in the Fertile Heart circles, we can only gain by experiencing it in our own lives. 

Woman Buckling Seatbelt, Safety and Integrity Above All

Session Three: Safety and Integrity Above All

Two of the most important aspects of the facilitator’s role: protecting the safety and integrity of the group dynamics, spelling out careful guidelines for presenting  both the potential for healing and the strict parameters of the work. 

Child with painted mustache, imposter syndrome

Session Four: Imposter Syndrome

Depending on your personal experience with the practice, your life experience, and your professional training, there might be times when you’ll doubt yourself. When you will not feel fully confident, or perhaps even doubt the value of the practice.  “Imposter syndrome” is a pretty common collection of emotional reactions.

language books and translation app on phone; lost in translation

Session Five: Lost in Translation

Each facilitator is coming to this training with abundant life and professional experience.  All of that is sure to shape and enrich your leading style. What’s also important is that the work in the circles doesn’t become a confusing amalgam of jargons.

2 girls talking with tin cans and string; communication

Session Six: Communication Guidelines

While there is certainly value to peer led support groups, the Fertile Heart circles are not democratic. Although the intention is to meet the ongoing needs of the participants, it’s the facilitator who takes on the responsibility for maintaining a safe space for each participant as well as for guiding the group toward a deeper understanding of the practice. 


Lab Technician holding beaker; show me the science

Session Seven: Show Me the Science

Where is the science behind the Fertile Heart OVUM Practice? We’ll be answering that perfectly fine question with perfectly simple answers.  

Woman looking at herself in mirror; In Their Own Image

Session Eight: In Their Own Image


Three Wood Blocks; 3 little words

Session Nine: Three Little Words that Keep You Honest & Safe

As facilitators, we need to have a level of understanding of reproductive health & and reproductive technology, and we have a number of resources in the handbook that can guide you toward greater clarity in that regard. But the kind of “knowledge” and insight we aim to transmit to the people who seek our support in the Fertile Heart circles, we can only gain by experiencing it in our own lives.

Baby Playing with Paper Money; Money Matters

Session Ten: Money Matters: Claiming the Value of Your Work

At this stage of our collective evolution, in most segments of human society money remains an instrument of power, and a measurement of value.  Money is also for many of us a subject that is likely to make our Orphans squirm and run for cover. This video is about addressing this highly emotive topic directly and clearly. Why? In order to make sure that you and the people who seek out your support fully honor the value of the Fertile Heart Practice as a healing tool and fully honor the value of your guidance.

Fence on Cliffs overlooking Ocean; Healthy Boundaries

Session Eleven: Healthy Boundaries in the Facilitator-Participant Relationship

The  tender nature of the fertility challenge paired with the power of our tools to co-create an intimate space makes for a genuinely compassionate contact between members.

Colorful Raised Hands; Outreach Outline

Session Twelve: Outreach Outline

This session is about preparing you for the exciting task of introducing the Fertile Heart practice in your community in a complementary outreach session.  The more thorough your preparation, the more at ease you can be and the more enjoyable the session can be for you and for everyone present.

Colored Circles; Outline for Circles

Session Thirteen: Outline for Circles

Similarly to the segment featuring the outline for the outreach session, in this video we’ll talk about a template for ongoing circles.   As we fertilehearters know, our experience of any encounter is shaped by what we bring to it.  Which means that our very first beautiful assignment as leaders is to get crystal clear about what it is we are bringing to the circles we lead…

PLEASE NOTE: The Facilitator Training Video Program is not meant to replace the guidance of a qualified, trusted health practitioner. The program is shared with the understanding that individuals who choose to engage with the tools and ideas of the series, accept full responsibility for their well-being.

PLEASE NOTE: All of the materials you are about to access are provided for your personal use only. The unauthorized reproduction or distribution is illegal. Thank you!

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