Meeting Your Child Halfway Video Series

with Julia Indichova


Julia!!! Our baby is born…and he is everything and beyond what I had in my imageries…Your work has changed my life forever…I sometimes hold the baby think about the workshop and have tears in my eyes as that was the first time I felt I could be a mom during that workshop. I also sometimes tell him how we met him half way…
-Nour N. Haddad, M.D.

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Fertile Heart Newborn Baby

“We saw and heard the heartbeat today! The doctor said everything is measuring on target and looks great. We did do IVF… but this time it was on my timetable, for reasons and protocol that made sense to me, and not because some doctor said in vitro was my only chance, or out of some sense of frenzied urgency. But I don’t believe the IVF made me pregnant. I know it was this process and working with you and the tools. I can not thank you enough, but I don’t believe the work is finished for me. If I am still welcome at the circles, I will be able to request the day off in advance next time.”
-Denyse Kofod

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