Unexplained Infertility Success Stories

Fertile Heart Unexplained Infertility Success Stories after failed IUI’s, failed IVF’s & miscarriages

Amy D., Chicago, IL

Dear Julia, I hope you remember me. My husband and I flew to your workshop from Chicago, in the spring. At that time we had one miscarriage and went on to have 2 more. After the 2nd one, my doctor did agree to test my tissues, etc. and found that it had been a healthy baby girl. I only knew about the 3rd pregnancy for a week or so and it was very early. After all of my reading and your support among many others, I did relate with stories of women with phospholipid antibodies. Basically with this condition, blood clots and cuts off the nutrients to the baby. I had to fight to be diagnosed with this. The perinatologist said it was rare and did not believe I had it. He finally agreed to blood test and had me retested indicating the 1st was an error. I finally received that call saying I had this diagnosis. We are due 3/28 with a baby boy and I have been on injections of blood thinner for the entire pregnancy. Thank you so much for your class, the support, and most of all the encouragement to listen to my body.

Although my “cure” was medical, I’m sure I would have gone through many more miscarriages and may have likely given up at the hope of a family. We even had decided to postpone trying and in the meantime were given this wonderful surprise, completely unplanned. Your book and workshop helped bring me there.

God Bless. You are a wonderful person providing what is most needed out there. You support those in despair and teach people hope. I really don’t think that we would be having this family had I not read your book, met you, and took your class. I sincerely cannot thank you enough!!!

Maia, Madrid, Spain

I live in Spain, and I had been trying to get pregnant for over three years. After many years on the birth control pill, once stopping it my cycles became very irregular and scarce. My doctor told me that my ovaries had become “lazy” and “older” than my then 33 years. I was also told that I was not ovulating regularly and that it would take me so much longer to become pregnant and that my only solution was IVF. Meanwhile my husband was diagnosed with low sperm count. I did IVF 4 times in 3 years, always creating very few embryos due to the very few eggs I produced. After my third try I was even told to try with donor eggs. But I wanted to try again with my own eggs. In my fourth IVF I only created one egg, which turned into a high-quality embryo, but it still did not work. I went through a very tough time afterwards, feeling very down, angry and just very very sad.

On a business trip to NYC a couple of months later I stumbled onto Julia’s book in a bookstore. Reading it gave me so much hope, even though I also had been having a good diet and had also done acupuncture for a year. But her experience along with the other women at the end of the book inspired me to not give up. I wrote to Julia’s web page and she herself wrote me back, giving me a lot of hope. We were able to set up a phone date and her information and guidance was very useful to me. My husband and I planned a trip to the US after Christmas, to take a relaxing New England vacation.

I was able to set up a private consultation in Woodstock with Julia since there were no workshops given at the time, making the trip even more worthwhile. We decided to spend a night at a B&B in Woodstock the day we were meeting Julia. She met with us in the afternoon and made us open our eyes, and taught us a number of exercises that we could do on our own and together with my husband. We also talked about the visualizations she had sent to me on a CD. It was a very interesting visit and we took away a lot. The rest of the trip was just as memorable as Woodstock, visiting quaint towns where cellular phones did not work!!

Little did I know that a few days later I was to become pregnant naturally!!! It was just an incredible miracle to start the new year. I was just in so much “shock” that this miracle has happened to me, and NATURALLY after so many heartaches and 4 failed IVFs, really incredible! I am now 17 weeks pregnant and have been feeling and doing very well.

Denise K., New Jersey

I am 17 weeks now & I feel great. Thank you so much for an incredible workshop, and the phone circles. When I first found out I was pregnant, I was very excited and happy, but struggling so much with fear. I had an early miscarriage last year, the one other time I had ever gotten pregnant in 3 years. Hearing all of your voices was very calming to me. Your work is such a blessing. If anyone wanting to attend a workshop should hesitate due to the added cost of a hotel, please put them in contact with me. I welcome anyone to come and stay with me & my husband. We would assist them in anyway we could to get them to Woodstock. I believe so much in what you do and would want anyone longing to be there to have the opportunity.

Thank You so much…for everything!

Comments are from Fertile Heart™ workshop participants. A number of Julia Indichova’s former clients are also available for interview. Film clips from a currently filmed documentary are available upon request.

An experiential workshop 
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An experiential workshop

recorded live and ready for viewing

with Julia Indichova author of
Inconceivable & The Fertile Female

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