This sweet FertileHeart baby has now safely arrived. Congratulations and much gratitude to Tiffany & Brian for sharing their story.   Perhaps it can be a source solace and even guidance for the next stretch of your journey.

When she first reached out to me, Tiffany wrote that she was considering using the Fertile Heart work to prepare for her next treatment. This time with a higher dose of medication. Which is what her doctors recommended after two years of trying, 2 miscarriages and a failed medicated IUI.

But as Brian points out, pretty much immediately after our first chat, they were all in. Together they dove into the work in such an openminded/openhearted way, I don’t think they missed a single Visionaries Circle. Tiffany also arranged for two private sessions with me and then they both decided to also attend the Meeting Your Child Halfway zoom workshop together. Three months after I met them, they conceived the old-fashioned way.

To be clear: the FertileHeart practice is not about promoting spontaneous conception over medical technology or testing when technology is what’s needed.  The stories of IVF and Egg Donation-conceived babies on the FertileHeart testimonial pages attest to that.

But when we accept the labels of “infertility,” “poor egg quality,” “advanced maternal age” or anything else as fact, rather than someone’s interpretation of data, we might get sucked into a black hole of repeated treatments without ever discovering what it is that needs repair.

Again, sending much love and gratitude to Tiffany and Brian and all FertileHeart parents who are so generously choosing to pass on the gifts of their journeys.




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