Fertile Heart™ Workshops and Teleconferences

Yes, you already are a Mom and Dad

The Fertile Heart OVUM Practice aka the Indichova-Baum-OVUM-Work, is a lot more than just a program; it’s a community of Moms and Dads who are ready for a new start; ready to turn this so called “infertility” into a lifechanger like no other. Yes, what makes you a Mom and a Dad is your longing and your relationship with a child. Even if you can’t hold that child in your arms right now.

Fertility Support Teleconferences and All Day Workshops

Our fertility support teleconferences and workshops are all about supporting you in becoming your healthiest, strongest self; supporting you in daring to defy statistics and other people’s opinions on what’s possible for you. Whether that opinion is voiced by your doctor, your partner or your best friend. So join us when you’re ready. Better yet, don’t wait until you’re ready. Sometimes we need to leap before we think!