Fertile Heart™ Workshops and Teleconferences

A less travelled road

The Fertile Heart OVUM Practice aka the Indichova-Baum-OVUM-Work, is more than just a program; it’s a community of women and couples from around the world wrestling with fertility-related challenges, who come together to explore a lot “less travelled road” toward parenthood. We support each other in remembering that our longing for a child might be “an invitation to roll up our sleeves and discover that change is possible. That what we feel and believe about ourselves and the world, and the action we choose to take, can make a difference.” (The Fertile Female) It begins with a radical willingness to think and feel for ourselves and fully engage in every aspect of our fertility treatment, whether it’s our Fertile Heart Ovum practice, fertility acupuncture, and in-vitro-cycle or any other healing modality.

Fertility Support Teleconferences and All Day Workshops

Our fertility support teleconferences and workshops are all about community building and cultivating an activist attitude toward the thriving infertility industrial complex. Does our next choice support a growing industry or do we speak up for the not-yet-born generation of children we so fervently long to bring into the world? Is our next choice going to truly feed our fertility, or is it guided by desperation and destined to deplete us?.

Follow the longing, turn crisis into a life-changer

Please check out our frequently-updated calendar of free Fertile Heart community chats, online teleconference intensives, in person fertility retreats, and other upcoming events. Each teleconference and workshop has a particular set of guidelines and, some have pre-requisites, so please review the details of each to make sure it’s the right match for your current needs. Here’s to turning your longing into the single more health-affirming force in your life!

— Julia Indichova & the FH Team

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