Body Truth, a Fertile Heart™ OVUM Tool

What if the secret to getting pregnant, is a secret you’ve kept from yourself?

Natural-Fertily-Program-Mind-Body-Fertility-CleanseWhat if there are countless invisible “issues in your tissues” that not only keep you from getting to the baby, they’re stopping your from living the life you had once set out to live.

Fertile Heart™ Body Truth is an original fertility boosting movement practice. developed by Julia Indichova, author of Inconceivable and The Fertile Female.

It’s a tool that encourages conception by  giving your body the time and space to say everything you’ve kept hidden from yourself; all the “unacknowledged truths”  your body has been dying to reveal.

The carefully crafted movement sequences and visualizations, address some of the most common inner conflicts about parenthood, pregnancy, or fertilityBody Truth

See the “Issues in Your Tissues” chapter in The Fertile Female for a more in depth explanation of this practice.

The Body Truth Audio Program includes:

  1. an introduction titled: The Human Body as the Most Reliable Compass
  2. a guided meditation called “Riding the Current of Creation”,
  3. and the following 15  movement sequences:
  4. Welcome Home,Defend, Receive,Elbows First, Speak Your Peace, Womb with a View,Cry for Justice,Rock the Baby, My Mother, Not Myself, Soul on Fire, Woman, Out of the Trap,,The Wailing Wall,Child’s Play, The Orphans, Unconditional Gratitude

You can find and download all of Julia’s books and audio in the Fertile Heart™ Shop.

Love Notes about Fertile Heart™ Body Truth: 

Kendra S., Albany, NY

I  truly enjoyed every moment of this pregnancy as I know it was a blessing. I continued to listen to your meditation on the Body Truth CD leading up to his birth and visualized labor and delivery. I actually had him a week early with a fast and easy labor & delivery (3 hours in the hospital and no pain meds)! I believe he couldn’t wait to be born after mommy met him half way. He is just the most beautiful thing that I’ve ever seen! I sing him the “bedtime story” lullaby from the Woodstock workshop all of the time and feel so blessed for every moment with him! I will update on the board for others and as soon as he’s a little older (i.e sleeping more than 2 hours at night) I would love to share my story. Have a wonderful holiday, Julia!

Body Truth

I continued to listen to your meditation on the Body Truth CD leading up to his birth…

Mary Mastria, NJ

I first heard about the Fertile Heart tools through a friend who gave me a copy of Inconceivable when I began fertility treatment to conceive my second child. I LOVED the book and began implementing many strategies that resonated for me. After a few months of emotionally and physically charged treatment, I was told by one of the top fertility doctors in the country that I had a better chance of “winning the lottery” than having a child naturally (true quote). He also recommended the “highest dose” of medicine possible with IUI if I wished to continue treatment. He said doing IVF with me was “too cruel” since my chances were so low. He gave me the “less than 1% chance” speech and recommended donor or adoption. Needless to say, I felt like the world had just caved in on me.

Through the Fertile Heart website and with spousal support, I picked myself up and continued using the Fertile Heart tools because I felt like I was making improvements (both physically and emotionally) since incorporating them in my life. I also decided, with some trepidation at first, to attend Julia’s workshop. This was the key for me. During her workshop, we practiced many of the tools but I was introduced to the Body Truth Movement strategies. For me, this was the “missing link.” The Body Truth work was the piece that was missing and the exercises helped me connect and release all the emotions (fear, tension, hatred, despair) that were trapped in my body. After the workshop and the following day, I remember feeling like I had a massage—my entire body, my neck, my back, my shoulders, were relaxed and at ease. One month after this experience, I became pregnant with my second child naturally.

Anna M., Chicago, IL

Thanks for this amazing CD set! As you may remember, this has always been the piece of the fertile heart tools which I had the most difficulty understanding. This makes it so much more accessible to me. I need to tell you about my experience with the first CD. The exercise which includes connecting with the feelings your mother had while you were in utero brought forth amazing revelations to me! The feelings which came up were the feelings my mother had when my parents had been told that she had probably had a miscarriage. (She had been bleeding and the doctor felt sure that she had lost me.) I found myself comforting her, assuring her that I was OK. Then I remembered that my most intense experience at the workshop with you was being overwhelmed with terrible fears/grief of losing any child that we may have in the future.  I think this has really helped me begin to get in touch with and release these fears. This work continues to help me in so many ways!

 Suzanne L. New York City

Body Truth

We did hypno birthing and a lot of other stuff and I kept going back to the Body Truth CD. It’s the best!!

“Loving the Wailing Wall, kicking the people who say dumb things. Tonight I was scratching and tearing at the sky to get a baby. I felt very angry and entitled and driven. It felt good. I am getting a lot out of this that I can’t even really explain, but, I feel shifts and that’s nice.”

And later that year Suzanne sent a picture and a note:

We did  hypno-birthing and a lot of other stuff and I keep going back to the Body Truth CD. It’s the best!!

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