Another Fertility Super Food: Flax Seeds

By on October 9, 2016

Another superfood to place on your fertility food list for Moms and Dads prepping for baby, and to keep in the fridge to stay healthy and energized for those three AM feedings, is the fabulous flax seed.


3 top reasons flax seeds will help keep you fertile, and energized: Flax seeds are one of the richest sources of the awesome omega 3 essential fatty acids needed for balancing your hormones, and energy production.

The oil in flax seeds can soothe the intestines, supporting digestion and the proper absorption of nutrients. You want to make sure all that good stuff in your food actually makes it into your bloodstream.

The high fibre content of flax seeds will support healthy colon  The last thing you want when prepping to conceive new life is a sluggish colon that allows putrefying matter to be reabsorbed into the blood stream and through the blood stream into your ovaries or testes.

Important note: you must drink plenty of water if you’re eating flax seeds to make sure that it moves easily through your gut

Flax Pudding


1 cup of organic almond, hazlenut or coconut milk (or other non dairy milk)

4 tbsp. ground flax seeds (You can purchase them already ground or grind them yourself in food processor or coffee grinder)

1 tsp of vanilla

1 tsp Maple Syrup ( Adjust the amount of sweetener to taste and substutue with honey or agave if you prefer)


Combine all the ingredients in a container, mix well, cover and refrigerate. You can serve in an hour, but it will thicken more overnight.  When serving add fresh or frozen strawberries, blueberries, or any low-glycemic fruit.

Another important note: the consumption of flaxseed oil has been linked to miscarriages, so just to play it super-safe I would avoid eating flax seeds or ingesting the oil once you become pregnant.

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