Put it in Your Pocket for the Holidays

This beautiful brief visualization from the Fertile Heart Toolkit will help you ward off all that not-so-useful unsolicited advice  It can also be your ally against the assault of statistics; charts and graphs that tell a very small part of your story.

Last night in my dream I walked up the hill near our home and all the doors of our neighbors were open. I walked from home to home and in each one someone was having a heart-to-heart with one or several people. I could easily sit down in any one of those houses and be welcomed and replenished. I woke up with such a feeling of sweetness. Of belonging.

In the next few weeks many of us will gather with family, friends, co-workers. Some of those interactions will be sweet and some (especially those with lots of unsolicited advice) might trigger a not-so-sweet response in us.

This short video (a tiny slice from a robust menu of an exciting upcoming video series) can help you stay calm and grounded in your very own truth

It’s easy to feel left out, especially during the holiday season. The kind of genuine patient presence I felt in that dream is becoming more and more precious in our action-packed lives.

But in order to conceive our yet-unborn next self, the self that can then conceive a life or the right next step toward our next creation-that’s exactly the kind of space we need.

So let’s keep aiming for it.

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