It hurts. Wishing for something that appears to be way out of reach, hurts.  A lot.

The question is what do we do with all that pain?

How do we make sure it doesn’t send us spiraling into despair?

How do we surrender to the invitation embedded within the hurt?

What is a counterforce powerful enough to rouse us toward hope? Active hope.

How do we become our own and each other’s midwives?

Yes, every crisis can indeed become an opportunity. It can.

We CAN turn pain into labor pain.

Becoming fully fertile and fully human means living life as a birthing practice.

Which is why I’m so grateful for the space we co-create in our Fertile Heart Visionary Circles. We might not be able to clasp each other’s hands, but we can be present for each other. Together we can breathe our way through the next, and the next, contraction.

We can be there for each other and celebrate the birth of every insight. Celebrate the smallest action we take on our own behalf.  Yes, we also celebrate the birth of babies and families. Families that are conceived in a number of natural conception, IVF, egg donation, surrogacy, adoption, single motherhood.

Equally worthy of celebration is that we get to be there for each other as we midwife the birth of our next—and the next—unborn, non-negotiably fertile Self.

If you’re hurting and could use a circle of encouragers, we’re here for you.

The dates of the Fertile Heart Visionary Circles and the pre-requisites for joining us are always listed on the Events Page.


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