Lentil Soup: Fertility Food at Its Best

By on January 18, 2017

5 Reasons lentils (Lens Culinaris) are supreme fertility foods

This has got to be the best lentil soup I’ve ever had & here are just 5 of the many reasons lentils are supremely healthy and fertility friendly:

  • Lentils are a wonderful source of folate, an essential immune enhancing nutrients as well as a key nutrient for your baby’s brain and spinal cord development.
  • A great source of magnesium – an alkalizing, hydrating nutrient that helps relax your nervous system by aiding in the production of serotonin.
  • Lentils energize you by replenishing your iron supply, which is especially useful for menstruating, pregnant and lactating women.
Lentils, Onions, Carrots, Sweet Potatoes on cutting board for Fertile Heart Lentil Soup


There are many types of lentils: brown, red, french, regular. (Health food stores and specialty food shops and larger groceries usually have a variety.) I prefer French, also called green lentils.  They are smaller and firmer and maintain their shape. You should experiment with different types of lentils to see which you prefer. The cooking method is the same, except the time needed to cook will vary slightly.


3 med Onions – 1/4″ dice (4 cups)
2-3 med-large Carrots – 1/4″ dice (2 cups)
1 small Sweet Potato – 1/8″ dice (1 cup)
1 Tbsp Garlic minced
1 Tbsp Olive Oil
1 tsp Sweet Paprika
1 tsp Rosemary Leaves (fresh if possible)
1 tsp Salt
1/2  tsp Black Pepper
2 tsps Soy Sauce/Tamari (optional)
1 pound Lentils (2  1/2  cups)
8 cups Water

Lentil Soup in Ceramic bowl



In a large pot sweat Onions (cook with a little oil until translucent.)
Add half the Garlic when Onions become translucent.
Wash the Lentils and add to the Onions and Garlic, stir well and then add the Water.
Add Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, Salt, Paprika and Rosemary.
Bring to a boil, then lower heat and simmer approximately 90 minutes.
Using a wire whisk will do a better job of blending the Lentils and Sweet Potatoes, making for a more creamy texture.
Finish with the remaining Garlic and Soy Sauce to taste. I like using salt during the cooking process, seasoning just under the desired saltiness and then finish with Soy Sauce before serving.
Makes 3 quarts.

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