Rage Becomes Us – How Anger Makes Us Fertile


Soraya Chemaly’s book RAGE BECOMES HER and the idea of anger as a force that can indeed make us fertile or “infertile” depending on how we use it, are popular topics in our Fertile Heart community.
Which is why I was thrilled to have the extraordinary opportunity to delve deeper into this galvanizing subject with Soraya Chemaly herself o in a special Zoom event titled, Rage Becomes Us: How Anger Makes Us Fertile.
Some questions we engaged with:
  • How is our relationship to anger reflected in our hormone balance; how does it affect physical pain and ultimately our overall level health?
  • How does belittlement of our anger intensify the indignities we endure as a result of childbearing hardships?
  • How would an invitation to honor the angry voices within us broaden the singular opportunity for healing that comes with a fertility challenge?
  • How would a deeper understanding of gender-bias in the context of anger influence our parenting, especially the parenting of our daughters?
  • How would claiming anger as a precious resource affect our family-birthing journey and our lives?

For hands on tools that  support us in transforming anger into a powerful fertility booster, you can also check out the on-demand workshop Fertile Rage: Anger as Healer on the Scenic Road to Motherhood.

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