Fertility Foods: 3 Cooking Herbs for Ovulation Boost

By on January 18, 2014

Ovulation boosting herbs

Fertility foods and fertility boosting herbs have been used by wisewomen and men of myriad traditions for thousands of years. I don’t think any of us have any doubt that food, supplements and herbs can be powerful fertility meds which affect all aspects of the female ovulation cycle.

Knowing exactly what it is that an herb or food can do, to liven up your endocrine system, could inspire you to use it more consistently. So read on to learn about cooking with herbs that help boost or even restore ovulation.

For more ideas on using food and herbs to balance hormones and increase fertility, take a look at the Ally in the Cupboard chapter in The Fertile Female. 

cooking-with- fertility herbs-rosemaryRosemary

Rosemary is known to stimulate menstrual flow, ease cramps and overall regulate the menstrual cycle. You can place a few sprigs of fresh rosemary in a cup and pour boiling water over it for a soothing cup of tea or spice up your soups and stews with this highly medicinal herb.

cooking-with- fertility herbs -parsleyParsley

Parsley supports the liver, one of the the main organs responsible for sweeping out the toxins from the body, and supporting balanced function of endocrine system, adrenal function, and uterine health. (Caution: Ingest parsley only in the first half of your cycle, stimulates uterine activity, implicated in miscarriages.)

cooking-with- fertility herbs -sageSage

Sage exhibits strong antiviral, and antibacterial properties. (Caution: Again, just like with parsley, ingest only in the first half of your cycle, stimulates uterine activity, implicated in miscarriages.)

 Fertility Herbs

Will the medicine get to where the trouble is?

The endocrine system and the female ovulation cycle is perhaps the most finely tuned system in the body that reflects the hidden Orphans within us in surprising ways. What I’ve learned in the last two decades, is that when the “Orphans”  are in charge of nutrient absorption, the fertility foods or the most natural fertility supplements will never get to “where the trouble is.”

I’ve seen clients who stopped ovulating after a death of a parent, after a divorce and in response to a myriad of hidden Orphan-rooted beliefs.

For many of these women a consistent Fertile Heart™ OVUM practice was a road back to a healthy cycle. So if you suspect that for you, as for them, a sluggish menstrual cycles mirrors a hunger of the heart, take a look at the imagery sequences in the Fertile Heart Imagery 2 CD  which focus specifically on ovulation.

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