Fertility Success Stories: Their Stories, Your Fertility Drug!

Your turn to be a "fertility success story!"

What do you need right now?  

No, really. Close your eyes, take a breath and ask yourself:  What is it that I need most right now?

Most of the women I have worked with in the last 20 years, answered that question with the same word, SUPPORT.


But the majority arrived at that truth only after a few other answers, such as:

  1. I need help figuring out the whole fertility diet thing.
  2. I’m so confused about supplements, I think I’m taking too many.
  3. I need to find a better acupuncturist.

Information can be useful. We’ve got plenty of information here on Fertile Heart  gathered through years of research and counseling.

But most of us need to be inspired enough to use the information we already have.

Information or inspiration?

I bet, at this point you have enough information to last you several lifetimes.

Inspiration. and I don’t just mean the next  mantra you come across in your Facebook newsfeed,  but inspiration from the mouths of real people who overcame some tough odds–even  tougher than the ones you’re up against–that ‘s not as easy to find.

And it’s also not easy to find the right kind of support. The support that feeds your gorgeous, truth seeking, infinitely fertile. stronger Self.

You’re right, infertility sucks. Until you realize that it showed up to save your life.

Which part of you will be choosing the next step?

Whether you’re prepping for IVF, Egg Donation, Embryo Transfer, thinking about adoption, or choosing to take a break from it all until the right path reveals itself, the important part is making sure you’re not acting out of panic. Because no matter how much information you gather, panic driven choices usually end up creating more panic.

Before you hit that next trail of the baby journey,  ease that backpack off your shoulders and take in some Fertile Heart nourishment.  Make sure you’re choosing the path that takes you to where you want to go with as few bruises as possible.

Is it time to stop chasing that last good egg?

The truth is, “fertility success story,” is not my favorite phrase. Why not? Because it implies that you could also be a “fertility failure story.”  And in the Fertile Heart™ land there is no such thing as a failure of any kind.

Each of those links above, leads to one of the pages of the Fertile Heart Success Stories and there are plenty more throughout the site, check them out. Watch a video, listen to a CD, join the next teleconference or workshop.

Whatever you do, stop chasing your last good egg. Open your heart to a little inspiration and let your child meet you halfway!



Fertility Success Stories

Fertility Success Stories


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