Visionary Support Circle Prerequisites

Welcome! I’m thrilled that you found us and I’d love to have you join our community of spectacular—non-negotiably fertile—Visionaries. After all, one thing is pretty clear, isn’t it? The children already here and the ones on the way need us to do that. Become Visionaries.

Why do I ask that you complete the prerequisites on this page?

Because the circles I lead are not conventional support groups. We are learning something brand new. The Fertile Heart OVUM Practice is an original creation. My third love-child. A powerful tool. But like any new tool, one has to learn how to use it.

Going through the steps below can actually be healing in itself. In fact, the FertileHeart practice and your first step toward meeting your child halfway is next deep breath you take as you brew a cup of tea, sit down, go through the questions below and send them off to

Baby's onesie hanging on clothesline Fertile Heart Visionaries

As noted on the registration page, since people are joining our group with different levels of familiarity with the Fertile Heart philosophy and tools, in order to join the Visionary Circle, I ask that you complete the following prerequisites. Otherwise I would need to spend a considerable time during each circle, explaining what the work is all about. 

If after reading through this page you decide that you’re ready to join the Visionary Group, you will need to acquire the 19 Segment Video Series  before registering, and watch the segments listed below. We we are using the video program  as course material for this ongoing learning circle. You will need to own the video series to join the Visionary Circle. It’s the most up to date version of the program with seven hours of instructional tools.)

  1. Please fill out the questionnaire at the end of this note in order to give me a sense of your journey so far and the kind of challenges you’re wrestling with. Copy and email the filled out questionnaire to
  1. Read this article, written by journalist, author Bethany Saltman. Unbelievable Hope: Julia Indichova’s Low Tech Infertility Cure
  1. Watch this 10 minute Fertility Success Story Video
  1. Watch this 9 minute Welcome Video (all the way to the end)
  1. if you decide after reading and watching that you’d like to follow through and join us, send a note to and schedule a ten minute phone chat with me before joining  your first session.  My assistant Rachel or I will respond with possible times.
  1. Please watch  Segments Four through Eight before attending your first session. You don’t need to do the assignments, all you need to do is watch those segments. If you’re registering too close to the next meeting date, watch Segment 4: The Egg of Creation before attending the first session  (Again: since the Pandemic we have been offering the 19 Segment Video Series for a generous discount. It’s the most up to date version of the program with seven hours of instructional tools.)

That’s it for the prerequisites. 

This FAQ page might answer additional questions about the program.

Take good care, don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions, and I’m really looking forward to seeing  you in the Zoom Room!



Questionnaire: (Please send your responses to

1) Your name and phone contact information.

2) Your age.

3) Your occupation

4) Your diagnosis if any (both partners, unless you’re embarking on this journey as a single parent.)

5) How long have you been trying to conceive?

6) Number of mainstream medical treatments.

7) Any alternative (integrative, holistic) treatments you have or are receiving and how long have you been receiving them.

8) Your familiarity with my work. Have you had a chance to read either of my books, or listen to the CD’s?, have you attended a Free Chat, a workshop, or any of my earlier introductory series  (Not a requirement, just an orienting question.)

 9) Could you share with me, how you found out about my work? If it was through a healthcare provider, could you please share their contact information with me? 

An experiential workshop 
recorded live and ready for viewing
with Julia Indichova author of Inconceivable & The Fertile Female

An experiential workshop

recorded live and ready for viewing

with Julia Indichova author of
Inconceivable & The Fertile Female

(You will receive a link to the video after entering your email below, Please make sure to white list

You will be receiving a link to your Free Audio in your email.