Fertile Heart FAQ: Answering the Most Common Questions that Land in My Inbox

Sweet Friend,

Welcome to our community. I’m thrilled that you found us. Please know that I want to answer every single one of your questions as fully as I possibly can.

But if I were to comment on your specific circumstances in a way that would be helpful, I would spend all my days doing not much more than answering emails.

I created this page attempting to answer the most common questions that have come up for the women and couples I’ve had the honor to work with in the last couple of decades.

What I love most about my work is engaging with real people in real time. I hope to have a chance to meet you!

Thank you so much for the call last night!!  I hardly know how to begin as the final call of the intensive series and the final call of the visionary circle were so fantastic!!  As I have shared before, all of the calls are wonderful and provide me with what I need.  I cannot imagine continuing my practice without them!  Many of the calls have a magical quality to them in that I become awestruck through a particular bit of information that is shared, or an imagery, or my writing exercise, or what is shared by others.  The last two calls have certainly been magical for me.

Fertile Heart Mind-Body-Heart Fertility Cleanse (3 Session Intro Series) Participant

Thank you for the call this evening. It was so soothing and lovely to hear your voice – a feeling of coming home. I found it very healing to sit with M. whilst I breastfed and listened to the call. I had you on loud speaker and I loved that M. was listening to your voice which he heard so often when I was pregnant. It felt like I was completing a circle or journey.

A Fertile Heart Mom – Attended the Intro Series, Woodstock Workshop & Visionary Calls 

What is the best way to start the Program?

Most people who are ready to dive in for in-depth guidance find the two live events facilitated by me most useful:

 The 3 Session Introductory Teleconference Series: Fertile Heart Mind Body Fertility Cleanse or the in person workshop, Meeting Your Child Halfway.Take a look at the description at this link.

Both of these events  often end up with a waiting list so signing up early is a good idea. You’ll find the link to the next dates on the Event’s Page 

If you feel a sense of urgency the recently released Meeting Your Child Halfway Video Series is at the moment the most up-to-date version of the program.

Or you can just start by reading The Fertile Female  or downloading  one of the 3 CD’s Fertile Heart Imagery,  Fertile Heart Imagery 2, Fertile Heart Body Truth, 

You can also start in any way you are ready to start.

If you just want to dip your toes in you can listen to my FREE AUDIO Program: 4 Simple Steps to Your Most Fertile Self.

I also occasionally lead FREE CHATs and send out Newsletters, and I usually won’t bother you unless I have something useful to say. This is a link to the  newsletter sign up  to make sure you’re in the loop about the  Free Chats with me and occasional guest teachers.

What exactly is the Fertile Heart OVUM Program?

The Fertile Heart OVUM Program  is an original, science based set of  mind-body tools that emerged through my own experience (described in Inconceivable)  and through guiding thousands of women and couples in private consultations and group work.  

Does it work only for natural conception or can it increase IVF success or help me on my egg donation or adoption journey?

The program supports every possible path to parenting. This page will answer that question more fully

Does is work for men and male factor issues? 

Yes, absolutely. You can take a look at this page for inspiration on sperm health. 

What is the aim of the program?

The aim of the program is to identify what it is that might be blocking you from birthing a family you long for on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

What are the Fertile Heart OVUM mind-body tools?

My introductory video, Welcome Video with Fertile Heart Founder Julia Indichova  it will give you a sense of the basic tools and ideas of this work.

I have a question about the imagery and Body Truth practice 

Most of your practice related questions should be answered in the practice section of The Fertile Female and in the Introduction to the Imagery and Body Truth CD’s.

Infertility Sucks Pregnant Woman in White Link to Fertile Heart Intro Teleconference
Infertility Sucks Pregnant Woman in White Link to Fertile Heart Intro Teleconference

Is it about nutrition?

We do use food as a Fertile Heart OVUM tool, but we don’t talk about a Fertility Diet. The Ultimate Fertility Diet Video is a great introduction to the unique way we work with food in the Fertile Heart OVUM program.


Do I offer private consultations?

Yes, I do, but since I have very little time for private work, if you want to get the most out of those sessions, I highly recommend that you supplement the private work with the group sessions. If you’re interested in private work, email me at

Infertility Sucks Fertile Heart Success Story Nina and her Newborn
Woman holding her knees - what is the secret - Fertile Heart Body Truth

Thank you again for your interest in my work.  Whenever you’re ready I’m here to support you in birthing the family you long for and turning this challenge into a huge healing opportunity!

With love,


 Julia Indichova is the author of The Fertile Female: How the Power of Longing for a Child Can Save Your Life and Change the World & Inconceivable: A Woman’t Triumph over Despair & Statistics.  The Fertile Heart™ OVUM Practice is an original fertility enhancing program that emerged through a decade and a half of counseling. Julia Indichova’s work has been endorsed by leading reproductive endocrinologists and her story and program was featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, Oxygen, Discovery Health, Huffington Post, and other outlets.  Julia’s profile is featured in the 9 People to Watch This Year (2016) Cover Story of the Hudson Valley Magazine.  After 9/11 Julia initiated The 9/11 Bowing Project focused on applying the tools of her fertility program to the peace efforts. One-Heart Revolution: The Perils of Positive Thinking on the Road to Peace is Julia’s latest book, documenting her peace activism.

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