Your Fertile Heart – For the Wild Geese of Mary Oliver

By on July 31, 2019

Your Fertile Heart – For the Wild Geese of Mary Oliver 

by Julia Indichova

Geese Flying - Your Fertile Heart for the Wild Geese of Mary Oliver


You do not have to be positive.

You do not have to massage

mountains of kale,

chanting mantras dispensed by monks in grey robes.

You only have to let the heart’s little intelligence

call out directions.

Tell me about sorrow, yours, and I will speak of mine.

You do not have to memorize

the 99 attributes of top-tier saints,

hear psychics prophesize your rise after the fall.

You only have to let

a single squelched truth

roll to the fore,

untangle the twisted

yarn of yearning,

you only have to trust

the purity and power of your one desire.


This poem was inspired by the iconic Wild Geese of Mary Oliver and by the many beautiful people I meet  who tell me they want to be more “positive.”

Anything you’re guilt-tripping yourself about? Anything you think you should feel more “positive” about? Tell us, let’s get some healing going around here.

Sending you a giant hug! 


Copyright © Julia Indichova 2019



2 Responses to “Your Fertile Heart – For the Wild Geese of Mary Oliver”

  1. Gravid Sans Doute says:

    Dear Beautiful Mamas,
    I am very familiar with guilt-tripping – right now related to my absence from work related to surgery.I am working with part of the Guided Meditation on the Fertile Heart Body Truth CD and Mirror of Truth Fertile Heart imagery. I’ve also been asking myself about the strongest orphan of the day, the visionary calling to be born from that orphan and one visionary rooted step.

    Blessings to all and thank you, Julia, for your kind thoughts on the call!

  2. Sweetchildofmine says:

    Such a beautiful poem, I have enjoyed reading and re-reading it. It is gorgeous, thank you for sharing it and making it accessible for everyone. I also loved that you shared in your newsletter what your daughter said about it. Can’t explain it but it made it so real this part. Because knowing your work and knowing your daughter is grown up now made all of this seem even sweeter.

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