Your Fertile Heart – For the Wild Geese of Mary Oliver

By on August 25, 2020

Your Fertile Heart – For the Wild Geese of Mary Oliver

by Julia Indichova

Geese Flying - Your Fertile Heart for the Wild Geese of Mary Oliver


You do not have to be positive.

You do not have to massage

mountains of kale,

chanting mantras dispensed by monks in grey robes.

You only have to let the heart’s intelligence

call out directions.

Tell me about sorrow, yours, and I will speak of mine.

You do not have to memorize

the 99 attributes of top-tier saints,

hear psychics prophesize your rise after the fall.

You only have to let

a single squelched truth

roll to the fore,

untangle the yarn of yearning,

you only have to trust

the purity and power of your one desire.


This poem was inspired by the iconic Wild Geese of Mary Oliver and by the many beautiful people I meet  who tell me they want to be more “positive.”

Anything you’re guilt-tripping yourself about? Anything you think you should feel more “positive” about? Tell us, let’s get some healing going around here.

Sending you a giant hug!


Copyright © Julia Indichova 2019



16 Responses to “Your Fertile Heart – For the Wild Geese of Mary Oliver”

  1. hwe123 says:

    Hi Julia and friends!

    Beautiful poem, thank you.

    I’ve been slowly sinking into rhythm as the summer ends. I admit, it’s not my favorite time of year, as I so love the sun, swimming in the ocean, wearing summer dresses, and eating juicy fruits and fresh vegetables. However, I welcome the opportunity to focus and attend to my practices, to re-dedicate myself to rituals that feed my soul, such as the Fertile Heart work. My daughter is now in first grade, and we moved to rural Maine for the year (or longer) so that she could attend school (a small school my mother started in 1980!)in person. I find myself eager to sink and expand into the space and time I have, now that she is away during the day.

    One thing I am guilting myself with now (and has been ongoing) is that I am taking too long to make decisions or take action on my plan. I’ve had a couple of wonderful, cleansing, catapulting calls with Julia over the last few months, and most recently, I felt so inspired and full of purpose afterwards. Most of what I have been working with over the last 6 months (and longer) was about choosing an egg donor and all of the orphans coming up around my relationship and my ongoing search for the donor I fall in love with. I have made so much “progress” and although I wouldn’t describe my current feeling as stuck, there is a stuckness in my process, a slow, sort of fearful, still indecisive, fluttery quality. Granted, my summer involved a big move, packing etc, on top of all the current affairs, and my husband was super busy with work. So although we were ready to move ahead with our donor this summer, it simply was too much; (it involved travel to the west coast), and I will admit that I didn’t want to think about it for a few weeks.

    I have come SOOOOOOOOOOO far!!!! I know I have…and the deep desire, the potential is there, pulsing with readiness. I am aware of myself coming close, touching it, carefully watching, curious, and then backing away, taking a breath (or 100), like a wave. An orphan says, why have you dragged this out? You could have been pregnant by now. But I do trust the rhythm of this dance, as it gave me my beautiful daughter. I am also aware of wanting to meet this orphan and help her to evolve and feel safe.

    My goals for the next session is to share and nurture my ongoing orphans that have risen up especially as I get closer to this miraculous choice I am making. My visionary actions will include a lot of hiking in nature, quiet time with my journal, and making space to feel and listen to the pulse of my desires.

    I notice one in particular who wants to apologize or explain my future pregnancy. I actually said to someone when they asked about a second child, “yes, but it’s not going to be biological” and immediately felt huge shame at having uttered those words! Thankfully, this process is transforming me and teaching me courage. The visionary calling to be born is one who owns her path, shares from a place of confidence and wisdom, and because of her honesty and ease, is a true guide and witness for others.

    Thank you everyone, I am honored to be in this group. The vision is so special and so necessary. I look forward to diving in during the next few weeks.


    • Thank you for this openhearted sharing,H. This sure is a much needed Visionary calling to be born. “The visionary calling to be born is one who owns her path, shares from a place of confidence and wisdom, and because of her honesty and ease, is a true guide and witness for others.”

  2. Sashafierce says:


    Thanks for the poem Julia it made me smile and remember how poetry used to help me express painful feelings throughout my teens and 20s.

    I had a go this last week just wrote some words when I got my period as I felt very sad. Think lots of other sadness mixed in as my son and husband return to school this week. I’m sad not to be able to protect them. My protecting others orphan/visionary mix causes me problems when she realises she’s not powerful but I tried to give her a different experience in protests with XR this week in UK.

    Here’s my quick sadness poem.

    My skin is thin today
    The orphans bloom through
    Tearful, another month without a baby
    Outside it rains as if it will never stop
    My son’s hug
    A rainbow
    A flower reaching from a pavement crack
    Gifts to treasure until my baby is ready to come home.

    Hope everyone is well. Be nice to catch up on the calls in a few weeks.

  3. Gravid Sans Doute says:

    Dear BeautifulSimplicity,

    Wonderful job of Field of Creation – holding a space for your potential little one and using an opportunity to heal. I hope everything works out well.

    I have been working with A New Beginning Imagery and Rock the Baby Fertile Heart Body Truth. I am birthing the visionary who can be compassionate towards my daughter’s challenges without being swept up into it if at all possible.

    Blessings to all.

  4. BeautifulSimplicity says:

    I think I am or I have been pregnant this week. My period is delayed and it’s always on time. I haven’t taken a pregnancy test but it feels similar to the way I felt the very first time I got pregnant naturally with my husband after 5 years. I also feel that this pregnancy is not to stay, I feel some symptoms of miscarriage… :( Today day I caught my mind telling me off for not being positive enough- if only I could do enough imagery and meditation to keep the embryo to stay… I noticed I was forcing myself to be positive but there was something off that I was tring to not feel. Then my visionary came to the rescue and whispered me ‘listen to that orphan’… I did the imagery ‘Field of creation’ and I saw an extremely sad child that has suffered a very big loss. I stayed with the orphan, let her express her sadness. I started to connect the dots of where this grieving came from, a grieving that goes back to my great grandmother, a grieving of a pregnant woman who has been abandoned by her partner. I let the orphan be cared by the Ultimate Mother and a beutiful woman helper came to cuddle her. Then I went to the other side of the field, I saw the visionary being counseled, sharing her grief with helpful others and recovering little by little. I felt the strength of my womb. I am able to hold a baby in it, I know it, but I feel this little embryos that my husband and I are conceiving come to heal something in my womb, maybe a very old wound that goes back to my ancestors. I am doing the imagery ‘Healthy Lining’ and used the sap of the tree to gently tend to my wounds. I feel I am giving myself the time needed for healing and I trust that it will come in its own time. Remaining positive is not turning our backs to the orphans but listening to them and find the inner strength to hold them compassionatelt and to know that anything that comes our way is a another opportunity to heal. Thanks for the poem, it’s beautiful, simple and full of compassion.

    • Hello dear BeautifulSimplicity, I’m breathing with you and I’m so moved by your tender sharing here. May this little healer-of-an- embryo receive all shehethey need to grow and flourish.

      If I may, and of course ignore this if it’s not useful: perhaps you want to also check in with your homeopath. Many mainstream and holistic practitioners suggest progesterone supplementation prophylactically in the luteal phase if we feel we might be pregnant.

  5. Freedom says:

    Wow…. thank God for Mary Oliver. this poem is beautiful and so fitting for me right now. I’ve been pushing myself and my husband to have another baby…. realizing How much my longing for another child has been intertwined with two traumas in my life. Recently I gave myself And my husband permission to not have a second child and it has felt like I stopped trying to push a giant boulder up a hill. I feel as though I have opened a line of communication with my body that has long been closed and my body has a LOT to say. My work is in discerning which body message are from my body’s ultimate mom, which are from my body’s visionary and which are from my body’s orphans. I feel really tired!!! I’m starting to question my choice to lessen the amount of nourishing foods in my diet and loading up of caffeine…. noticing my orphan rooted actions and wanting to give myself a reprieve

    • mariamom says:

      I also absolutely love this poem. BTW, Freedom, it’s Julia’s poem not Mary Oliver’s. I also love Wild Geese by Mary Oliver, but this one hits the spot in a different way.

      • Danu says:

        It’s beautiful. I’ve looked a lot for prophesies of a rise from the fall, particularly in dreams. I realise now that it’s futile and I think I’m getting better at reading my dreams too. I think if anything I was trying to be negative, thinking I was being “realistic”, cancelling out my own optimism and positive energy with the voice of doom. Eventually I realised that on a recent call when we were reading someone else’s dream. I’ve let go of that now I think.
        I’m working with Mirror of Truth for the second week.
        Thank you Julia.

  6. Gravid Sans Doute says:

    Dear Beautiful Mamas,
    I am very familiar with guilt-tripping – right now related to my absence from work related to surgery.I am working with part of the Guided Meditation on the Fertile Heart Body Truth CD and Mirror of Truth Fertile Heart imagery. I’ve also been asking myself about the strongest orphan of the day, the visionary calling to be born from that orphan and one visionary rooted step.

    Blessings to all and thank you, Julia, for your kind thoughts on the call!

  7. Sweetchildofmine says:

    Such a beautiful poem, I have enjoyed reading and re-reading it. It is gorgeous, thank you for sharing it and making it accessible for everyone. I also loved that you shared in your newsletter what your daughter said about it. Can’t explain it but it made it so real this part. Because knowing your work and knowing your daughter is grown up now made all of this seem even sweeter.

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