10 Drug-Free Ways to Increase Fertility: The Fertile Heart Approach

By on December 7, 2017

Nothing can stop you from being a Mom. But how will you get there?

No, don’t “just relax,” just chill a little. After 20 years of teaching the Fertile Heart workshops, this is what I know for sure:  No matter what they told you, these are not the last 5 minutes you have to get pregnant. So, if you know that your desire to be a mom is non-negotiable, then nothing can stop you for getting to your destination.

The only question is: how will you get there? I don’t mean whether you use ART or get pregnant in your bedroom. (Or your kitchen counter)

What I mean is, will you crawl, or will you dance?

Will your path be a path of suffering or a path of self-discovery and healing?

Here is an experiment:

What would it feel like –to stop, deepen your breath just a tiny bit, and slowly read all 10 of these fertility tips?

And then take another nice slow sweet breath and ask yourself,

Do any of these tips make sense to me?

Notice the language you use – 

Sticks and stones can hurt your bones but words can make you stop ovulating.  Really! Words are powerful fertility drugs.  Are you infertile or do you have difficulty conceiving Your body is listening to every word you say.  If you don’t believe me, watch this little story.

Never, never, never blame yourself –

Symptoms are not a punishment. How else is your wise body going to get your attention? Read and watch uplifting stories of others who turned their infertility into a life-changing opportunity to heal and birth the not-yet-born aspects of their own nature.

Learn about the issues in your tissues –

Take note of any painful beliefs and images you may have about motherhood.  Learn about the powerful mind-body tools that can transform such feelings into a source of strength and healing.

Dancer in Movement blur quote when was the last time you slow-danced with your life

Eat combinations of foods that are easier to digest

Digestion is hard work. Make it easier on your body and it will reward you with more energy available to balance hormone levels and nourish a baby.

Bags of Whole Grains Good For Fertility

Eat organic, fresh, nutrient filled wholesome foods as much as possible –

Exposure to synthetic estrogens in pesticides is toxic and confusing to your endocrine glands. This should be a a no-brainer, but so many of us still spend thousands on IVF but scrimp when it comes to choosing clean food and clean eateries. Check out the Fertile Heart Organic Fertility Food Guide  for the most important fertility foods to buy organic.

Minimize intake of processed flour –

such as bread and baked goods. Incorporate whole grains: brown rice, quinoa, millet and buckwheat. The fiber in these fertility foods promotes the excretion of toxins from your body. Be sure to soak grains for easier digestion.

Pregnant Woman in White link to Fertile Heart Mind-Body Teleconference. Juicing for Fertility
Pregnant Woman in White link to Fertile Heart Mind-Body Teleconference. Juicing for Fertility

Avoid the use of tobacco, alcohol and caffeine –

They burden the liver and kidneys, two of the main organs responsible for sweeping out excess estrogen and keeping your hormones and immune system in balance. Yes, even one glass of wine a week has been linked to higher miscarriage rates.

Attitude, attitude, attitude –

Remember that famous quote by Einstein? “The most important choice a human being must make is to decide whether the Universe is a friendly place.”

Create, create, create –

Creativity fosters creativity. If you’re stuck at work, or your relationships, maybe this baby can help you get unstuck even before he/she  shows up.

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