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“It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life, that no individual can sincerely try to help another without helping himself” —Ralph Waldo Emerson

Dear Friends of Fertile Heart™,

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As many of you might know, Fertile Heart™ has been since its inception a fiercely independent community, without sponsors of any kind. For myself and my husband Ed, it has been since 1996—when I first began offering free support groups in our Manhattan apartment—a labor of love. Most of the profits from my workshops, The Fertile Female, Inconceivable, the the Fertile Heart Imagery and other CD’s  are invested in expanding and developing our resources in order to support you in turning infertility into a pilgrimage of healing, and inspiring you to follow a most health-enhancing road toward parenting whether or not you choose intervention of IVF treatments.

At this point thousands of moms tell us that they don’t think their babies would have arrived if not for Fertile Heart™.

And yet, we also receive emails almost every day, from women who wish they had known about this work earlier in their journey. Before the twelve cycles of IVF treatments that have further thrown off their hormonal balance, not to mention depleted their finances.

IVF and other reproductive technology can be a helpful tool when we use it well and a self-punishing weapon when we use it to silence the body’s call for help.

Fertile Heart™ cannot compete with the outreach budgets of IVF clinics, or organizations sponsored by pharmaceutical companies. All we’ve been relying on all these years is word of mouth, and thankfully pretty much every one of my workshops in the last several years has had a waiting list.

But the Infertility Industrial Complex is becoming stronger and stronger, and as Dr. Debora L. Spar, a former professor at Harvard Business School, notes in her book, The Baby Business: (Harvard Business School Press, 2006) “… the competition is fierce, much of the fertility industry is increasingly marked by significant economies of scale, meaning that firms or IVF clinics must serve a large number of clients simply to cover the cost.” And what I see in my counseling practice is that many, many more women are being lured into unnecessary IVF treatments. A growing number of bioethicists and experts in the field are voicing concerns of similar nature.

So, if the Fertile Heart™ Ovum practice and the Fertile Heart™ community have been useful in your journey, and you’d like to help us by offering even a short block of time a month to help us with outreach efforts, chances are someone somewhere will appreciate your goodwill. Please email me at and I will contact you with suggestions.

Thank you for being part of this community and for your generosity of spirit!

Julia Indichova 



An experiential workshop 
recorded live and ready for viewing
with Julia Indichova author of Inconceivable & The Fertile Female

An experiential workshop

recorded live and ready for viewing

with Julia Indichova author of
Inconceivable & The Fertile Female

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