Cooking to Conceive the Inconceivable: One Chef’s Journey to Fertile Fatherhood

“It’s the level of honesty in examining his own heart and mind that makes Edward Baum’s Cooking to Conceive the Inconceivable such a profound, funny, refreshingly candid book. As a clinician I also applaud the inclusion of additional case histories which offer the reader a compelling view of their many treatment options.”

Belinda Anderson, PhD, LAC, Associate Clinical Professor at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Academic Dean at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine


“A much-needed book for couples of all genders, inspiring them to face a diagnosis as partners intent on being there for each other and strengthening the bonds of their relationship. It is now on the must read list for all my patients searching for guidance with a challenging life crisis.”

Marc Goldstein, MD, DSC (Hon), FACS, Surgeon-in-Chief, Male Reproductive Medicine and Surgery, Author of The Couples Guide to Infertility


“It’s funny that as we delve deeper into the hard science and genetics of male infertility, diet and lifestyle seem to matter more than ever. As Chef Baum dances poignantly through a life of food and cooking, mixing his personal history into every recipe, he raises to a high art the concept of good nutrition, one for the unsung treatments for male infertility.”

Paul Turek, MD, Director, The Turek Clinics, Los Angeles & San Francisco; Men’s Health Specialist and Award-Winning Blogger


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