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Fertile Heart® Imagery is one of the central tools of the Fertile Heart™ Ovum fertility and birthing practice (aka the I.B.O.W. practice), a healing modality that emerged through Julia Indichova’s personal experience and through her work with hundreds of women and men in her workshops and private classes The discussion, instructions and eighteen imaginal sequences on this program offer an introduction to the Fertile Heart™ way of working with pictures. The images imprinted within us are the building blocks that affect our biology, our relationships, our circumstances and overall direction of our lives. The sequences of the Fertile Heart™ Imagery practice are  meant to cultivate our ability to see the not-yet-visible; to separate the pictures that serve us from the ones that impede our growth and creativity.


The ideas shared are not intended to replace the guidance of a health professional.

Each listener is expected to take full responsibility for her/his well being.



1) Introduction to Fertile Heart Imagery

2) The When and How

The Exercises:

3)  The Doorway to the Expert Within
4)  Possibility
5)  A New Beginning
6)  The Grand Hall of Forgiveness
7)  Sacred Choices
8)  An Inside Job
9)  Circle of Protection
10)  I’m There for You
11)  The Backpack
12)  The Playground
13)  White Flower
14)  The Flowing Ribbon
15)  Three Steps Forward
16)  Healthy Lining
17)  Fibroid Free
18)  Fertile Soup
19)  Field of Surrender
20)  The Life Force Connection


The Fertile Heart™ approach to imagery evolved for Julia Indichova through years of working with individuals and groups, into one of the central tools of the Ovum Birthing Practice. Thousands of women and men have found this practice useful in overcoming allegedly insurmountable obstacles. The visualizations can be used as powerful medicine in their own right, or in conjunction with no-tech, low-tech, and high-tech treatment options.
May this way of working with images support you in becoming your own strongest ally, may it guide you in discovering that you are more fertile than you ever imagined!


Etched bone-deep inside us are blueprints of the many creations still waiting to emerge. The practice of Imagery, like Michelangelo’s chisel, cuts through the accumulated layers of self-defeating beliefs and allows us to lift them out.
– from The Fertile Female


Copyright ©2001-2015 Julia Indichova and All rights reserved.

No part of this recording may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means without the permission in writing from Julia Indichova and FertileHeart™. Thank you for respecting the years of dedication that led to the creation of this program

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4 Simple Steps

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