Fertility Supplements Part 2: How and When, Safety Above All

By on January 20, 2012

Safety first: read carefully to insure maximum benefit of your fertility supplements:


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Go slow! With fertility supplements as with any other medicinal remedies, it’s best to introduce one compound every couple of days and observe your body’s response. If you suffer from allergies and immune deficiencies, consider reviewing the 10 Steps to Pre-conception Detox page.

  • All high quality brands offer a level of nutrients that the body will be using most of the antioxidants and minerals to rid itself of toxins which have been accumulating for years (detoxification). This is especially true in people who have been suffering from chronic illness, or have taken medication. It’s important to understand the possible signs of detox and distinguish them from adverse reactions some people might have to any new compound they ingest.
  • Please read labela carefully and take the dose written on the label.
  • Fertility supplements are considered nutrients and nourishment and are best assimilated when taken with food. Always take supplements with a meal. In fact it’s ideal to take them with a complete meal that contains protein, fiber, carbs and fat. Fat is especially important for the absorption of fat soluble nutrients such as vitamins D and E.
  • Drink eight to ten glasses of distilled water daily. This is especially important for the cleansing process.
  • Include plenty of fiber with your meals, optimally you should be having three bowel movements a day.  (For inspiration on cleansing read the “Spring Cleaning” chapter of Inconceivable and as suggested earlier the 10 Steps to Pre-Conception Detox; A Mind/Body/Heart Fertility Cleanse article.)

Possible Signs of Detox

I have been eating mostly organic foods for the last eighteen years, and I’ve been doing a pretty good job at taking care of myself and yet some years ago, a couple of weeks into a new supplement, I began to observe signs of detox. It was as if my body was being gently nudged toward a higher level of health.

  • Common detox signs, such as muscle aches and/or mild headaches, usually pass within a few weeks.
  • Detox skin rash might occur, as the skin is an important route for ridding the body’s toxins. It might look like a dry, red rash similar to a mild sunburn. Some people confuse this with an allergic reaction to the supplements. That is rarely the case. If other types of skin condition develop, please consult a trustworthy healthcare provider.
  • Loose stools/diarrhea might occur, as the GI tract is another prime route for eliminating toxins from the body. This is an important part of the detox and healing process, try to continue but if it’s too much to handle, most holistic practitioners recommend stopping the supplements until symptoms disappear and starting back up with half a dosage, slowly building up to the full dose.
  • Relaxation response—Although usually we expect to have more energy when absorbing minerals, some people might feel more fatigued. If this is the case, take all minerals with a light bedtime snack and take advantage of the body’s response while getting a good night’s sleep.
  • The general recommendation of healthcare practitioners is that it is safe to take the supplements along with your medication, unless you are on thyroid medication. Take thyroid medication on an empty stomach at least 1 hour prior to meals and supplements. Thyroid medication should not be taken with food or with supplements because calcium can block the absorption of the medication.

Note: The above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Julia Indichova is not a medical doctor. The products listed on this site are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The information is shared with the understanding that each reader takes full responsibility for her or his well being.

For more information, see Fertility Supplements – Fertile Heart™ Choice.

Copyright @ Julia Indichova and, 2009. Special thanks to Dr. Christiane Northrup for her input on detox symptoms.

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An experiential workshop

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