Getting Pregnant

Getting Pregnant: What can I do to improve my changes?

When you decide to start getting pregnant, a mass of concerns will flood your everyday life and put serious strain on you and your body. While you may balance those concerns with a healthy fertility diet and exercise, you could always be doing more.

If you have difficulty getting pregnant, you may be subjected to a barrage of tests, including your FSH levels, and an AMH test. These can add to your overall stress, reduce your fertility and delay getting pregnant. Many women experiencing these stresses, ask themselves, how do you get pregnant with althea worries?

Establishing a calm and spiritual center can help you achieve substantial results when getting pregnant. You have enough stress in your life, it’s important to defeat these negativities and commit yourself to positive force. Thinking positive can ensure your life is full of rewards, also make sure to give yourself a healthy balance of nutrition with a fertility diet, and love. This can increase your chances in getting pregnant and when you do, reduce miscarriage causes and miscarriage symptoms.

So if you’re a family in waiting, and you have to the passion and desire to be a mom. What other things can you do to improve your chances of getting pregnant for the first time, or pregnancy after miscarriage?

It may seem superficial, but choosing your words carefully can make a big difference. Vulgarities and negative words can be just damaging to you as they are to others. Just the tone of voice is a powerful benefactor when it comes to helping you ovulate better and eventually help you in getting pregnant. Make you world as calming and as positive as possible, you’ll relish in the results as your heart will grow fonder and your body will flourish in fertility! It is believed that these simple acts can help in adjusting FSH levels, and alter AMH test results.

Don’t beat yourself up when you don’t immediately experience the symptoms of pregnancy. This is paramount, as your body trying to tell you something important. Listen to your body and find out what it needs to help you in getting pregnant!

Start a fertility diet and eat foods that are easier for you to digest. Making digestion a smoother process will improve the way your body provides nourishment for your child and reward you with more energy to balance hormone levels. You can achieve better nutritional results by eating more organic and fresh foods and avoiding foods that have processed or unnatural ingredients.

Avoid having anything with alcohol or caffeine. These elements are no good to your body and will impede any chances of getting pregnant! All these chemicals will do is hurt you, especially your liver and kidneys.  These are important because they are responsible for sweeping out excess estrogen, which is commonly linked to higher miscarriage rates. Caffeine and alcohol are unnecessary in your life and choosing healthier options will only brighten your body within.

Thinking positive is everything. You can achieve so much if you can envision a better place for your family. Our bodies are a powerful force that can increase fertility, create life and bring love into your life.

Getting Pregnant

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An experiential workshop

recorded live and ready for viewing

with Julia Indichova author of
Inconceivable & The Fertile Female

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