Holistic Fertility Support Circle Series

Dear Fertile Hearted Friends,

Thank you very much for your interest in this Holistic Fertility Support Circle Series.

Could you, kindly read this rather lengthy but necessary information sheet carefully a couple of times to make sure that this class is indeed what you are looking for.


Registration Policy:

This class is only open to people who are currently hoping to birth a child either through a biological pregnancy, adoption or any other way. Please note that you are registering for the next five session in this series. We will be meeting on alternate Mondays with the exception of National Holidays, and Jewish and other Religious Holidays listed in the calendar. Please understand that we strive to offer our services at as reasonable a fee as possible. That means that we have a very small staff, and our intention is to minimize administrative activities. With that in mind, we will not be accommodating credits for missed sessions or refunds. Of course if you miss the session because of an error on our part, we will by all means give you credit or refund your money for that session.


The Fertile Heart Ovum Practice, simple though it may appear, is in fact a profound, powerful independent healing modality that calls for commitment of the heart and mind. Many years of counseling experience, dedication and passion went into producing the two Fertile Heart Imagery CD’s, and the Fertile Heart Body Truth Program. And of course the same is true for Inconceivable and The Fertile Female.

I will be suggesting specific home practice assignments from each of these resources. So if you want to fully engage with the Fertile Heart Ovum adventure and participate fully in this series, owning a set of the 2 Imagery CD’s and the Body Truth program will go a long way in supporting that intention. Which is why I’m asking everyone to have the set of the three imagery CD’s and the copy of The Fertile Female (if at all possible, please buy the book on Amazon, not from us). These materials will give you a rich repertoire of Fertile Heart remedies to choose from and the resources to gain a much deeper understanding of the tools. It’s a one time only investment that will be a resource not only for your baby journey but for every other creation you long to bring forth. (You could probably get all three CD’s for roughly the average fee of one acupuncture session)

Home Practice and Posting Requests:

Articulating ideas about your practice in writing can be extremely useful. Reading your posts also gives me a better understanding of what you and the other participants are wrestling with and it’s a way for you to engage with, and get to know the other people in the group. With that in mind I ask that you please:

  • Post a brief thoughtful note about your experience using the tools on theConnections Forum of the Fertile Heart Message Board.(You may want to protect your privacy by using a username different from your real name) Please do not copy imagery exercises just note briefly any insights or difficulties that have arisen for you during the two weeks between sessions.
  • Post a response to the most recent blog entry. If I have not posted a new blog entry please post a comment on the Fertile Heart Mother’s Day Challenge post. (That’s an ongoing peace project that our community is engaged with. You are not required to participate in collecting signatures, all I’m asking for is that you engage with the subject. I ask that you post comments on blog entries for two reasons: I use the blog entries as teaching tools that help deepen the understanding of the FH practice. Each entry is one way or another related to the work we’re doing in the Circle, and connects it to the larger reality around us. I often speak on the blog about my own practice as it relates to current events, and my life. The blog is also another visible expression of the Fertile Heart community, and what it stands for within the world of Reproductive Health.
  • This last piece of the home practice continues to be a humble request on my part. Several wonderful moms and myself have initiated the Turn It Around Project in September of 2007, on behalf of the growing global Fertile HeartTM Community. It’s a project that organically evolved as so many of us began to realize the power of the Ovum work to create change, and opened our hearts to the immense suffering and depletion of resourced caused by violence. I’m HOPING that as you become part of our community, you’ll consider helping us move this project forward.For now all I’m asking for is this: Please familiarize yourself with the Turn It Around Project and engage with it as much or as little as feels right for you. We now have a new Forum on the website designated for the project. I would appreciate it, if at some point before your first session you would please take a look at the following link: The Turn It Around Project.

What I Cannot Offer within the Boundaries of this Series:

Community members tell me that the Series offers an immense value for the $90 – ten week investment. As one stunning mama put it: ” Not something I could ever pay for in dollars.” And of course, the value will increase in direct proportion with your level of engagement with the many aspects of the work.

I also want to make sure that I fully clarify what I, or quite possibly no human teacher can offer under similar circumstances:

Every ounce of guidance that I suggest during a workshop or engaging with an individual or a group during a Teleclass is a result of deep consideration for your current circumstances and anything else I can glean from our interaction. It is impossible for me to offer the same level of guidance through emails. I’d have to spend hours “receiving” what you wrote, choosing one of the “remedies” from the Fertile Heart Apothecary, and composing the most meaningful answer, I LOVE my work, but I like taking time to eat, hang out with my family, read, write. None of which would be possible if I dedicated my life to responding to emails. Thank you very much for your understanding in this regard.

That said, you are also always welcome and encouraged to email me with a specific topic that you’d like support with BEFORE THE CLASS. I can’t guarantee that I will cover everyone’s request but all of us on the birthing trail are ultimately fighting the same inner battles. So if you stay open there is much that can be gained from someone else’s process during the call.

The Dial-In Number for Each Call:

As noted earlier: Thank you! Thank you, for taking responsibility for receiving the number for each call. In order to co-create a more cohesive, supportive group, I ask that you please email me for the number prior to each session of the Teleclass Series, after you have spent a few minutes checking in on the board and the Blog. (It helps me to know who is on the call, and as I read your wonderful posts (thank you VERY MUCH for the many thoughtful, sharing and caring contributions) I have a much better idea of how to support you.

If you are joining us for the first time, send me a note introducing yourself and sharing any part of your story that feels safe to share.

If you have emailed me and haven’t received the number PLEASE send a note a few hours prior to the call with Need Dial In for Tonight in the subject line. Thank you for your cooperation and for sharing the responsibility for receiving the number in time.

In Wonder and Awe

In the last fifteen years I’ve seen the difference that the level of commitment can make in our ability to meet our children or any other creation halfway. Admittedly it’s also much more exciting for me to work with people who fully engage with the Ovum tools. Witnessing people move closer and closer to their Truth, watching them begin to claim the power of the Visionary and to begin to receive -in wonder and awe – the mysterious yet very real guidance of the Ultimate Mom- is more fulfilling then any other work I’ve ever done.

Fertile HeartTM as it exists now is a creation born out of my deep desire to pass on the gifts I’ve received as a result of my diagnosis in 1992, and to say thank you for my life to the Ultimate Teacher that designs the curriculum for the lessons of our lives. This Teleclass is another snowflake toward a vision that has guided the creation of Fertile Heart since it’s inception in 1997: The vision of an independent community of like-minded women and men who would use their fertility challenges to bring much needed healing to the human family. If it’s an image that resonates with you, and a community you wish to support and be part of, then this might just be the perfect next step on your baby journey.

Welcome! I look forward to getting to know you!

Julia Indichova

Here is a note from a client, who is a doctorate level psychologist. I thought you might find it inspiring:

“Thank you so much for today. This work astounds me! So profound the insights. So to the core I feel them. From time to time in conventional therapy I have talked about this idea of growing up (although it had not crystallized in that a powerful way) – it was slow, shameful, laborious, and intellectualized. I never felt it in my body or in as an emotional way as I did today. Times they are changin and what a liberation that is! Thank you, Julia. Thank you so much,!!!”*

*Important: Please note that the circle is not in any way a substitute for traditional psychotherapy if you feel that you might need that level of intervention.

An experiential workshop 
recorded live and ready for viewing
with Julia Indichova author of Inconceivable & The Fertile Female

An experiential workshop

recorded live and ready for viewing

with Julia Indichova author of
Inconceivable & The Fertile Female

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