Increasing Progesterone Levels

By on January 21, 2012

Fertility foods and nutrients

Magnesium – is one of the key supplements for raising progesterone levels. All hight quality fertility supplements should have adequate levels of magnesium) Excellent fertility food sources of magnesium are oat bran, pumpkin and squash seeds, almonds, cashes, brazil nuts

Yams and sweet potatoes are rich sources of progesterone (women with repeated miscarriages can benefit from eating yams and sweet potatoes) They should be eaten in the first half of the cycle. (See Yam and Fertility article for more details on when best to consume yams and why)

Other Fertility Enhancing Nutrients and Fertility Foods:

B6 –  One of the stars of natural fertility supplements that support the function of endocrine system is  B6 which also plays a central role in maintaining healthy estrogen progesterone balance. A Harvard study of women with elevated prolactin who were not ovulating showed restored ovulation after three months of supplementing with 200 to 600mcg of B6 daily. (All of the B vitamins are important which is why you want to make sure that your multivitamin contains a spectrum of B complex vitamins.

Fertility Foods Rich in B6 – carrots, walnuts, spinach (eat cooked spinach only, raw spinach is high in oxalic acid and will interfere with the absorption of calcium), avocado

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