Information on private work with Julia Indichova

Dear Exquisitely Fertile Friend,

Thank you very much for your interest in taking a private class with me.

I do phone sessions only as much as my schedule allows. I don’t use Skype. In the last decade and a half of working almost exclusively on the phone, since our studio is not within reasonable travel distance for most of my clients, I have found that this form of communication creates a particularly focused level of contact, and has been quite effective for hundreds of women and men I’ve had the privilege to work with.

For in person work I’m available through the workshops only.

For a more detailed information on individual sessions please email me at  Also kindly fill out the questionnaire at the bottom of this note, and email it to me along with your request. You will be repeating some of this information during our call because often it’s in the “telling” that the clues become more visible. But I like to have a sense of what you’re coming in with before the call.

I also ask that you, please, take a look at the ten minute video about my work sometimes before the session. here is a lnk:

Questionnaire for private consultations:

1) Your name and phone contact information.

2) Your username on the message boards if you have registered.

3) Your age, occupation (both partners  unless you’re embarking on this journey as a single mom) and diagnosis if any

4) How long have you been trying to conceive?

5) Number of mainstream medical treatments

6) Any alternative (integrative, holistic) treatments you have or are receiving and how long have you been receiving them

7) Anything else you’d like me to know. Please limit this to no  more than a 300 word paragraph.  Thank you!

8) How familiar are you with my work? Have you read either of the books, which CD’s do you own and how much have your worked with them?

9) How did you find our about my books or work?

Thank you again for your interest in my work.

Here’s to the wise children who help us create the space to prepare for their perfectly timed arrival!

Julia Indichova



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