Nothing Sexier, than a Dad Who Does His Own Thinking

By on June 16, 2017

Dear Dads and Dads-to-Be,

Father’s Day is a great time for a little independent thinking.

If we really love you, if we really hope to  celebrate lots of fun Father’s Days with you, we’re best to encourage you to do your own thinking, feeling, choosing.

Some years ago, a study suggested that drinking and smoking and filling up on junk  food  will not affect the baby seed you plant.  Foolish study I know but some of my clients actually showed it to their partners as validation for staying safely on the sidelines while she bathed in wheat-grass. .

Of course there are lots of studies showing that what we do matters.

The Epigenetic Revolution a phrase we’ve been hearing a lot these days tells us how much what we do really matters. Looks like science is catching up with common sense. So now we have “proof” that food and exercise can do us good.

Because what we experience and observe is not enough for the “real hard core scientist. ”

Although it might take another few decades  to popularize the idea that what we feel and think, in fact what our mothers and fathers thought and felt, also matters. Immensely.

So, you can look for a study dear Dad, and they’re out there to be sure,  to show you that lighting up, and chilling with your martini, or getting wired with a gallon of coffee a day, isn’t the best way to keep those little strivers in tip top  shape.

Your son and daughter are cheering for you. Whether they’re right there next to you or still on the way, what they want is a brave Daddy who can do his own thinking! ,

We love you, happy Father’s Day!

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