From Switzerland to Woodstock: Miscarriages, High FSH & A Baby Boy

By on August 3, 2014

I blamed myself

Dear Julia,

I came from Switzerland last summer to attend your workshop. After many fertility specialists telling me my only chance at motherhood would be through egg donation or adoption, I was compelled to come to you because your story so closely resembled my own.

I was diagnosed with entering an early menopause with FSH levels at 33 and 32 in two consecutive months. I had had three miscarriages along the way, and began blaming myself for having “old eggs” and “waiting too long.”

I had to buy a ticket

I was 38 at the time.AmySmearsolwithBabyZeph When I googled high FSH and fertility, I found you and quickly read your books. HOPE! There was someone out there who had high FSH and became pregnant. I knew I had to buy a ticket to attend your workshop. Your approach felt right to me and validated some things I had already started to think and do on my own. ”

Checking if it was “still there”

Three months later I became pregnant.

I get goose bumps now even typing this. The doctors were completely stunned and kept doing ultrasounds every week in the beginning to “see if it was still there.” They didn’t believe it could possibly be viable, yet I went on to have a normal pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby boy on June 19. His name is Zeph Alexandre Levy. His dad is French and is very much a wind person. Zeph means breeze in French, and we thought it was very fitting. I will send you pictures in another email.

I can’t thank you enough. I would be honored if you used my story along with my name.

My warmest regards,

Amy Smearsoll, Switzerland

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