“Trusting the Bestower” Imagery from the 2012 Edition of The Fertile Female. 

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“Trusting the Bestower” Imagery from the 2012 Edition of The Fertile Female.                          

Intention: Deepening our understanding of the difference between “giving up” on our desire,  and surrendering to the Ultimate Mom wisdom that guides our human choices at all times.

 Invite an image of a sacred protected space, governed by the Bestower of Babies. See the vegetation in this place, the colors, the weather.

Breathe out once

Invite an image of the Bestower of Babies. Allow the image to rise up into your field of inner vision.

See yourself and your partner with the baby in your arms. The baby that you feel should be in your arms at this moment. Receive the presence of the child, the sweet frangrance, the silky smooth skin.

Breathe out once:

Ask yourself: Do I trust that the Bestower of Babies is on my side? Let the truth of the moment rise up without judging.

With the next breath see yourself entrusting the baby in your arms to the Bestower.

Breathe out once and know that this act of surrender is a giant step toward meeting your Child Halfway in physical reality.

Copyright 2018, Julia Indichova and Fertile Heart; No part of this text is to be reproduced without permission in writing from Julia Indichova and Fertile Heart.

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