What Causes Miscarriages: Symptoms, Risks & the Fertile Heart Approach to Decoding the Mystery of Pregnancy Loss

By on February 5, 2017

Decoding the cause of miscarriage and reasons for recurrent miscarriages and moving toward a full term natural pregnancy or successful IVF: The Fertile Heart™ Approach.

Similarly to every other infertility diagnosis, the answer to what causes miscarriages is hardly ever a simple, single cause-effect relationship.

The Heather’s Gift E-book is a great example of the many case histories of women I worked with whose miscarriages continued to be a mystery even after they were treated for the most common miscarriage related imbalances listed below. The stories of the women who conceived featured in the Fertility Success Stories Video are other great examples of the Fertile Heart™ multi-layered approach to decoding the mystery of recurrent miscarriages.

In other words, although there are commonalities that underlie the challenge of miscarriages  each person’s constitution and history are unique and so is the path that leads to healing.

The most common medically determined underlying causes of miscarriages:

  1. Underactive thyroid
  2. The presence of antiphospholipid-antibodies is another common answer to the causes of miscarriages although this answer has been highly controversial with little solid research.
  3. The presence of infections—generally treated with a course of antibiotics (See interview with Dr. Sami David in the What to Expect from a Fertility Expert e-book where he offers his view on the poor diagnostic practice and treatment of infections in general in the reproductive health arena.)
  4. MTHFR gene mutation – This gene mutation  linked to miscarriage and implantation issues can be easily diagnosed through testing.  Women who test positive for MTHFR cannot process a synthetic form of folic acid.  This is one of the first diagnostic tests administered to women with recurrent miscarriages.  The problem is easily remedied with methyl B12, methyl-folate and other supplements. A gentle weekly detox regimen will help with any toxic build up of unprocessed synthetic folic acid. Be sure to work with a knowledgeable integrative physician or healthcare provider before supplementing, as some people do not tolerate higher doses of folate.  (The MTHFR issue is also briefly addressed by miscarriage specialist Jonathan Scherr in the What to Expect from a Fertility Expert E-book.)
  5. Chromosomal abnormalities linked to age are another answer my clients often receive to the question of what causes miscarriages. As I see it, the answer of poor egg quality is often used when the health provider can’t come up with a more solid reason for the miscarriage.  Increasing one’s overall level of health can help you win the statistics game, several sequences on the Fertile Heart Imagery Progam are intended to reverse the damaging effects of the “collective panic of the last good egg” and the self-serving ageist approach of the Infertility Industrial Complex.
  6. Nutritional deficiencies are often linked to reasons for miscarriages—Fertility Foods, and Fertility Supplements can be an effective solution to correcting nutritional deficiencies that might be one of the causes of miscarriage.
  7. Poor sperm quality—a very common, often hidden, answer to what causes miscarriages—also responds to fertility supplements, fertility foods and inner-conflict resolution. Studies indicate than when sperm quality goes up, miscarriage rates go down.

    I was conceived the old fashioned way after 4 miscarriages. If you click here, you can watch my Mom and Dad and I tell our story in this video.

    I was conceived the old fashioned way after 4 miscarriages. If you click here, you can watch my Mom and Dad and I tell our story in this video.

  8. Fibroids—depending on the size and placement of the fibroid they may interfere with implantation, and be one of the causes of miscarriage. (Foods and Herbs that may help shrink fibroids naturally.)
  9. inner conflicts about pregnancy and motherhood: NO THIS IS NOT ABOUT SELF BLAME, it’s about healing wounds we have not caused. Emotional wounding that we had no control over. The gift of the Fertile Heart tools is that they offer a road toward healing such wounds and make full term pregnancy possible sometimes within weeks of beginning the practice or attending a workshop.
  10. Unacknowledged conflict between partners THIS TOO IS NOT ABOUT BLAMING OURSELVES OR EACH OTHER. Miscarriages and fertility woes can wreak havoc on a marriage and of course they can also show you what the marriage is made of. (The Human Game is a Contact Sport & Kiss Me Quick I Feel Fertile Segments of the Meeting Your Child Halfway Video Series are great tools for healing in this context.)

Several imagery sequences on the Fertile Heart Imagery One and Fertile Heart Imagery TWO Program are specific miscarriage related remedies, which have been instrumental in healing the pain of miscarriages, and identifying the causes of miscarriage on the emotional level and leading to full term pregnancies and healthy babies.

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An experiential workshop 
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An experiential workshop

recorded live and ready for viewing

with Julia Indichova author of
Inconceivable & The Fertile Female

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